Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment Review

We have been growing the site into a database of information on every skin treatment out there. In our journey, we’ve had people ask for Clear and Brilliant reviews. Today, we are happy to report that one of our skin treatment review experts, Gina, has not only received the treatment, but also documented her experience in the below video.

Now, if you want to see it in action, this was her first try at getting this skin treatment. We’ve posted a series of four videos below outlining the procedure and sharing her experience and opinions on how it went.

Clear and Brilliant Laser Before and After

This treatment will show signs of working with just one treatment, but it’s also suggested that if you REALLY want to keep away the many signs of aging that will appear on the face, that you should try to do it monthly. However, we understand that it’s not in everyone’s budget, so of course, use your best effort to keep a balance with daily routines and when you can splurge on something like this, if you are up for it, by all means, the results are very powerful.

What is the Clear and Brilliant Laser Cost?

Normally, the cost is around $300 or higher, but your cost may vary depending on where you live.

Clear + Brilliant FAQ:

How do I get started?

This procedure is based on advanced technology, however obtaining the treatment is very easy. Start by consulting a professional to see if it’s something that makes sense for your skin, and to share with them any skin problems you may want to address. A regimen can be recommended from there and you’ll be on your way to getting your glow back.

How long does it take?

Sessions require about 30 minutes of your time.

Does it hurt?
You may feel a burning sensation, but nothing crazy. You can apply a topical numbing cream prior to the session in order to be more comfortable.
What happens after treatment?

An antioxidant rich serum is applied to the skin after your session. You can also get a biocelluose masque applied to the skin.Unfortunately, this is NOT a DIY treatment.

To learn more about this procedure, check out their official website:

If you are afraid of spending money on treatments like this, we have a cheaper option in the form of a facial serum on this page.

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