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Facial lotionAs the name suggests they are to be used for the face and the eyes. It is a matter of undeniable fact that the face is the part of the body we all care about the most. It represents the first impression we provide to those we meet for the first time and it is the part of the body that is the most indicative of the relentless aging process. It is not a surprise that the vast majority of commercially available cosmetics deal with the wrinkles, the fine lines, the dark spots, the dark under eye circles and every other condition that makes the face look older and the skin in (let’s just put it this way…) an overall bad health.

The real problem with the skin is the elements of nature. Cold, heat, rain, frost, UVA/UVB radiation, free radicals and the list can go on for pages. In winter the rest of the body is completely covered by clothing and therefore not exposed at all. In summer even at the hotter days there are some parts of the body that still remain covered by clothing.

However, the face is not. In any season. Maybe if the weather is too cold outside we use some kind of protection. Count in that it’s the face that offers the best access to the inner organs through the mouth, the nose, the ears and the eyes and there you have it. A complete explanation why the face must be exceptionally paid attention to.

The treatment approaches
When scientists try to correct a problem, they need a place to start. For the problems of the skin, regardless of the location, the main initial approach refers to how to moisturize the cells and how to prevent this moisture from getting evaporated. Not to get into too many details, but without moisture the skin simply gets damaged with the problems becoming cumulative over time and finally irreversible.

This is why all dermatologists begin by stressing the importance of an everyday moisturizer. These are very easy to produce at home and they do not require any special equipment, knowledge or expertise. Just time and inclination. Follow the link to a few recipes to get you started.

You will notice that the recipes do not stop at moisturizers. They include other active ingredients which are meant to address the second approach to providing a more youthful skin that will delay the effects of aging for as long as possible. The stimulation of collagen and elastin production. It’s these two that keep the skin tight and healthy.

Things to pay attention to
Now that we’ve gotten you interested in producing your own face lotions, it’s time to let you know a few things that you need to keep in mind:

  • As mentioned in the general DIY skincare page you need to know the type of your skin. For the face this becomes a most important issue as the adverse effects of a product intended for an oily skin when you have a dry and sensitive one will be most prominent and may require professional intervention to get remedied.
  • Lotions intended for fine lines and wrinkles must include ingredients that stimulate the collagen production. Lotions intended to treat acne must include more pharmaceutical compounds like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Eye lotions must contain more anti-oxidants and imperatively sunscreen protective agents. Make sure that you are well aware of the properties of each ingredient that you want to use before you use it. There are plenty of references online for this purpose.
  • DIY cosmetics do not include preservatives. Each recipe mentions for how long the lotion will be good for. It would be best if this time frame was not exceeded. Use labels identifying the date of production and the date of expiration.
  • Store in well ventilated, dry locations making sure that there can be no contact with sunlight. If there is the slightest change in smell, texture or color dispose of immediately and make a fresh batch.
  • If you notice any irritation, itching, redness or any other abnormality on your skin, discontinue the use of the lotion and seek medical advice.
  • UVA/UVB radiation can penetrate deep into the skin all year round. It is strongly recommended that regardless of the use that you will prepare a face lotion for, you need to include an ingredient offering a level of SPF protection 15 and above.

What you’ll need
If you look into your kitchen, what you’ll need is already there. Here is the list of what to look for:

  • A weight measurer
  • A temperature gauge
  • Either a stick blender or a mini mixer
  • Either a double boiler or a bain-marie (a smaller saucepan to be immersed into a bigger one filled with water)
  • A jug
  • The container to put the lotion in

Nature provides an endless vault of ingredients with properties commercial products may get envious for. That being said, it would be best if you kept your chosen ingredients within those that have been researched thoroughly and they can offer no surprises. There are so many of them that you can always have your hands full if you want to experiment.

The last word of caution that we can offer you is to never consider your lotions as a substitute of medical compounds. You can create lotions with healing properties but under no circumstances are you to base the healing process to these properties only, without consulting an appropriate professional. In the vast majority of cases your homemade lotions will assist greatly. But it is possible that they may not be able to eradicate the underlying cause of the problem which is where a medical compound is designed for and excels at.

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