Homemade Organic Lotions

homemade skin lotionsProbably the first cosmetic to be used by every single person in the world is a lotion. There are myriads of them around for everything. You will not find a man who is shaving that doesn’t use an after shave lotion. You will not find a woman who doesn’t use at least a moisturizer.

Setting apart the known uses for comforting, soothing and providing moisture for the skin, lotions can do a lot of other things as well. Things that are characterized by the word “delivery” meaning that they can be used as the means to deliver something to the skin. In their case: the active ingredient. Here is a list of these “Deliveries”:

  • Antiseptics
  • Antibiotics
  • Antifungal
  • Anti-acne
  • Protective agents
  • Corticosteroids

Mixing oil and water
We all know that oil and water do not usually mix. This is not true. If you use the appropriate kind of glue they will mix. And this oil-in-water mixture is called a lotion. It’s actually very simple. All lotions consist of 5 things:

  • The water part. Without it the compound would not be absorbed by the skin
  • The oil part. That’s the part that provides the moisturizing effect
  • The glue. Or more scientifically, the emulsifier which keeps it all together
  • The delivery item or active ingredient
  • The enhancements like scent, color, additional properties even healing properties

Depending on what you choose to put in the mix you can have:

  • Facial lotions which are thinner and must comply with certain parameters and safety features
  • Body lotions which are thicker and can be applied to all other parts of the body except the face
  • Hand lotions which should be heavy on moisturizing elements
  • Feet lotions which could be described as the behemoths of lotions as they must be thicker and richer in active ingredients to take care of the skin in the feet which is very thick and very hard.

Each of the above can have a different purpose as well depending on the active ingredient that you choose to use. So you can have:

  • Lotions for skin maintenance which means keeping the skin in an overall good health, beautiful and soft. They are the easiest to make as they do not take more than three or four ingredients to put together.
  • A little harder to produce are the lotions intended for damage repairs. Those are usage specific and the active ingredient must be carefully chosen to address the specific issue.
  • Lotions can also be used (along with other remedies) to reduce the dreaded cellulite problem or in an anti-wrinkle / anti-aging capacity or even not to allow the skin to tan any more than it already is.
  • Pregnant ladies will also adore the two part anti-stretch mark lotion. The first part is the preventive and before the appearance part and the second one is the restoration and regeneration part.

Additionally, all the above can contain sunscreen, color and scent.

It’s more than a lotion
We have already discussed the merits of the 100% natural and trusted ingredients and the reduction of the cost for cosmetics to save money for other uses. We have also addressed the issue of protecting the environment. However, there is one more issue to address which is of a more personal nature and may appeal more than the above to a few people.

It is a matter of psychology actually. People that have more time available than what they can handle get bored. Other people want to do something to help others that may be in trouble. A number of people need to do something that they know they did it on their own. It’s called creativity. And homemade skincare products will provide everyone with plenty of it.

There are plenty of recipes available for every kind of lotion. Getting deeper into homemaking you will find out that you can do some experimenting of your own. Take this out and replace it with that ingredient. Use a little more of this ingredient and a little less of that. It’s the way to create the cosmetics that will match your personal tastes exactly and the way to create unique formulas that many other people may like too. In the final analysis it’s the way that will make you feel proud of yourself. And this counts more than all the other incentives put together.

A few words of caution
The issue of creativity being addressed doesn’t mean that you can get carried away. There are safety precautions that must be observed at all times and little secrets to be paid attention to. The point of the exercise is to create cosmetics that work without opening the door to health issues that may arise out of carelessness. So:

  • Do not use a lotion in any other capacity than the one that it is intended for. Especially not on your face. The skin there is thinner and more susceptible to an adverse and allergic reaction. A lotion for the face could be used in another part of the body but it is doubtful if it will be effective.
  • Know your skin type. This is one of the most important issues involved. Different ingredients are to be used for dry skin than an oily one. It is rather easy to understand what will happen if you mix things around.
  • If you are not aware for any possible allergies do not apply the lotion to the entire area of the skin it is intended for, the first time around. Apply it only to a small and relatively safe area and observe how your skin will react to it before you go on with the application to the rest of it.

If you are ready to start producing your own cosmetics, there is only one last thing to say: Good Luck and Good Produce!  If not, read this page to find out about all the products you can get your hands on.

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