How to Get Rid of Dark Under Eye Circles

get rid of dark circles under the eyes

Many people think that the appearance of dark under eye circles is the result of not getting enough sleep, however this is a great misconception. Even if you get the full 8 hours you are supposed to, it does not mean that these dark circles will never appear.

Cures for Dark Under Eye Circles

There are plenty of other reasons to why we get the ugly and undesirable discoloration. Some of these reasons are:


It’s not the same as sleeplessness. Especially chronic fatigue is a constant state of weariness that takes away your energy and mental capacity. As the results accumulate over time, there is a toll to be paid emotionally and psychologically in addition to physically.

Hereditary concerns

Just like many other unpleasant things, dark under eye circles can run along the family tree.

Bad habits

If no one ever told you at a young age, you should learn that you are never to rub or scratch your eyes.

Exposure to the sun

The main reason for hyperpigmentation is melanin. If you spend too much time in the sunlight, the production of melanin gets accelerated and the skin gets pigmented. Actually exposure to sunlight may be the main reason why races like Asians and Africans may have increased skin problems as their melanin production is already high.


Time is relentless. As you age, the skin starts thinning, the production of collagen is reduced and the blood vessels under the eyes get to become more obvious.


Scientifically called atopic dermatitis, it makes the skin red and itchy and unfortunately it’s a situation that comes and goes.

Contact dermatitis

This is caused by something that irritates the skin. This substance could be soap, a fragrance, or any of the cosmetics that you use.


We all have one. Unfortunately some of them produce more unpleasant results than others.

What does it take to control dark under eye circles?

After exploring the causes, it is time to discuss what can be done. The only ones who like their dark under eye circles are the pandas and you are not one. In the cases of underlying medical conditions like eczema and dermatitis the intervention of a medical professional may be all that it will take. Unfortunately, not too many things can be done for your genes. However, there are a few things you can do, first to provide a level of protection and then to either cover the circles or make them disappear altogether.


  1. Always wear sunblock, even if it is only for a few minutes at a time. As aforementioned, the sun can cause great damage. But you do need to make sure that you select the right one for your skin type and that you will not get it into your eyes during the application.
  2. Whatever you use, make sure it contains retinol or vitamin A. It will increase collagen production and make the skin less transparent. It may not make the circles disappear but they will be less noticeable. However, you need to make sure not to use too much of it.
  3. When the time comes to remove your makeup you rub and scratch your eyes. So you need to choose a remover that will allow you to do the least amount of rubbing and scratching.
  4. Washing the face with warm water actually worsens the situation. It is preferable to use cold water to wash your face and warm or hot water when bathing or showering.
  5. When you are shopping for the best creams for your eyes, make sure that within the ingredients’ list there are skin brightening compounds like Vitamin C, licorice or kojic acid. You should avoid creams containing hydroquinone which is to be used if the others fail and only if a medical professional so prescribes.
  6. If the circles are the cause of an allergy remember to take antihistamines. The histamines released when the body is fighting an allergy can cause broken capillaries and swelling.
  7. When applying any remedies to get rid of the dark under eye circles make sure that you do not miss a spot and that you apply the cosmetics you use in the designated layers that will allow each compound to do what it was designed for.

Homemade Remedies for Dark Circles

In the recent years there is a growing sentiment of distrust to the commercially available cosmetics, especially after the relevant researches uncovered the harmful effects of some ingredients used to manufacture cosmetics like phthalates, parabens, petroleum and SLS. As a response to this distrust many begun to make their own cosmetics at home using natural ingredients and no preservatives.

The premise under homemade cosmetics has them producing the same if not better results than the commercially available ones without any of the unpleasant side-effects, irritation or other problems that may be produced. Furthermore, they are considered as a much cheaper solution which is a very important element when the economy is in recession. It is also a common understanding that cosmetics are overpriced for what they actually offer and this adds to the distrust to these products.

We’ve compiled an entire list of DIY skin care routines on this very website.  Click here to read them!

The natural products offered to those who prefer to choose this option are:

  • Almond oil which is to be applied before going to bed, left to provide its beneficial results overnight and then washed off in the morning.
  • Cucumber and rose water incorporate astringent and skin lightening properties and a soothing and refreshing effect.
  • Raw potatoes and tomatoes can actually be considered as skin bleaching agents.
  • The rich ingredient of skin lightening vitamin C is the reason behind the suggestion of using lemon juice to treat dark under eye circles.
  • Coconut oil provides the much needed moisturization of the skin which is also effective for wrinkles and fine lines.
  • A very common remedy is the tea bags containing caffeine and anti-oxidants. The effect of these ingredients is to reduce the fluid retention and shrink the blood vessels. Remember to make some drinking tea first and then let the bags cool down before using them on your eyes.
  • Turmeric offers anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Since the dark circles are a matter of inflammation, it is a very useful compound.
  • You can also use spoons to control this issue. All you have to do is put some in a refrigerator and let them cool for 10-15 minutes and then hold the rounded portion of a spoon against your eye and let your eye absorb it and the spoon turn warm. This process will lighten up the skin and help under eye bags disappear. You have to use 5-6 spoons at a time for results to show.

If one was to take a closer look at these compounds they would notice that what these compounds actually do is fight the symptoms and cover up the condition. With only a few exceptions, they do not fight the underlying cause which is why the situation usually prevails.

Furthermore, what we are looking for in fighting the dark under eye circles is a remedy that can provide long lasting effects. To receive this benefit from natural ingredients it would require constant use and if the results are not the desired ones it may cause overuse which in turn may have adverse rather than beneficial effects.

Add to the above the possibility of wrong recipes for the specific skin type, incorrect application, insufficient or too much beneficial ingredients and the risk of using homemade remedies becomes too high.

The Considerations

When the time comes to fight the dark circles for the first time, it is time to consider a few more things than just the price of a product and the distrust to the manufacturers:

Is the risk of using homemade remedies as described above acceptable? Do you have enough confidence on your own abilities to produce a satisfying product? Keep in mind that homemade remedies are as much a product of experimentation as it is of experience.

It is not in the best interest of the cosmetic companies that respect their name and want to be in the top of the list, to produce products that will either not deliver the required results or are dangerous by containing hazardous ingredients. They are companies that need to make a profit to survive. And this profit may only be derived by continuous sales which are not benefited by bad reputation. Sales that stand to be increased with the continuous research for better products. A cucumber cannot be made any better than it is.

The cost that you buy a commercial product includes years of painstaking research. Scientists put their minds to work to discover products that do not only cover the condition or fight the symptoms, but also provide an actual solution to the problem. Expensive laboratories and comprehensive studies that determine if a product is safe to use or not also add to the cost.

A commercial product includes a warranty. While it may make no difference if there is a problem, you do have a recourse to turn to and get some satisfaction from a product that did not deliver what it promised or, even worse, created even more problems. This is not the case with homemade remedies. If there is a problem by their use it will cost you far more than what you attempted to save in the first place.

The solution to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Let’s begin with you making sure about your skin type and your skin specifics. It all starts from there. If you have dry skin there is no point in using a product that addresses the needs of oily skin. If you have extra sensitive skin you need to go to a very select choice of products. In fact very sensitive skin may not respond at all to homemade remedies.

The next step is to make it a point to check the ingredients of each and every product available to you. This may be a very time consuming process but it is the most definite way to make sure that you will have your needs properly addressed. There is a counter argument here that says that not all companies list all the ingredients that they put into their products and some of them flat out lie about it. This is why the best option here is to go online and try to find the independent reviews about each product and maybe an independent listing of the ingredients. It could also be useful to seek for the clinical trials of the product that interests you.

Step number three is to actually combine steps one and two. Based on the determination of your skin type specifics and the list of ingredients you get, you can make a short list of the products available that will provide the best results, such as Elite Serum. And then it’s time to consider the price which must come in correlation with the ranking of the products you have chosen at the top of the list. The most expensive product does not always imply the best product.

Products like Elite Serum, Artistry luxury cream, Shiseido’s line and others are included in the top 10 list for a reason. They do deliver on their promises while being tested for safety and for not including hazardous ingredients while accumulating a multitude of positive reviews from their users. And this makes for the best guarantee that you will experience results in the fight against the dark under eye circles.

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