Skin Care for Male Celebrities

Male celebrities are no different than any other man in the world. They avoid facial skincare products as they consider them too feminine. Cosmetic magazines and other published articles accuse them of false fears but the fact remains that no matter what articles say, the common people in most countries do consider men that use anything more than soap, shaving foam (or cream) and after shave products as prone to homosexuality. Keep in mind that for many religions, just the mere suspicion of such behavior is a stoning offense.

Skin Care Routines for Celebrity Men

Before discussing what men should do to keep their skin in great condition, there are two facts to be considered:

  • Men exfoliate their skin on a daily basis by shaving. This is by definition the first rule of good looking skin. The removal of the dead skin cells and the top layers always provides a clean face and a solid foundation for specially designed products.
  • The male skin is different than that of women. For starters it’s thicker with larger pores and therefore more oil glands. While the main skin type separation (oily, normal to oily, normal, normal to dry, dry) remains, there are different products to be used in each case.

The basic regime for men would entail just a moisturizer after shaving. A good sunscreen of SPF 30 and above, is also recommended. Let’s discuss now what some more liberal male celebrities do to keep their skin in top condition. It is impossible to begin such a discussion without reference to the top male celebrity of the era:

David Beckham

He goes all the way actually. He uses face masks, tinted moisturizers, tweezed brows and concealers to cover under eye circles and blemishes.

George Clooney

Undoubtedly, number two (for some number one) in the male celebrity list. He has reached an age where a dark circle corrector is necessary. He is also one of the very few people that see to it that even his lips are taken care of with a lip balm.

Ryan Gosling

He makes sure to get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and a product that contains proteins, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Ryan Reynolds

After a PSA on melanoma, Reynolds sticks to sunscreens with high SPF and cosmetics that intend to reduce the skin pores and keep wrinkles in check.

Ashton Kutcher

He too uses products with high SPF, goes for full facial treatments and microdermabrasion.

Tom Cruise

This is a case that every man in the world could identify with. At the age of 45 he started getting concerned with his appearance. He began using his wife’s cosmetics. At the age of 49 he had cosmetic surgery that made him look a few years younger. Now at the age of 52 and without the benefit of his wife’s products, he has kept it a secret what he uses to promote his skin health. In most likelihood he trusted the advice of his dermatologist on which products to use.

Brad Pitt

The discussion of cosmetics used by men could not but include him. He is a very different case. First of all he goes for a resculpting procedure known as Red Carpet facials. Supposedly they are supposed to tighten, lighten and contour the skin. Being an ardent environmentalist he opts for nothing but green products. All his cosmetics are guaranteed free from SLS, dyes, parabens and any other chemical that has been deemed harmful to the environment.

Jonny Depp

Captain Jack Sparrow prefers to rely on his famous “Depp Diet” for this overall health. A diet rich in proteins and fruit. He also uses a small trick. Supposedly his recent appearances always wearing glasses with blue lenses have some science behind. The theory is that these lenses increase the serotonin levels in the brain and therefore his overall health is better regulated

With the exception of David Beckham, most male celebrities follow a specific pattern. They invest heavily on good quality cosmetics that pertain to shaving, with high SPFs for sun protection and products to reduce the production of sebum. It is also a fact that most male actors have left the secrets of their appearance to the ministrations of the dermatologists and cosmetologists of each film set.

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