Stem Scalp

At this time, a new procedure currently exists to help stimulate the growth of hair follicles. As you can imagine, this effective procedure has caught the attention of many looking to improve thinning and balding hair.  Today we’ll step away from talking about aging serums and get into some hair regrowth.

This procedure is called Stem Scalp.

Out of the many hair regrowth treatments, this one is especially effective since it uses platelet rich plasma – PRP for short – to regrow dormant hair follicles. The PRP is exceptional since the recipient’s natural blood is used to create this formulation. You’ll appreciate this method because the platelet rich plasma is used to naturally create hair follicle stimulation, and this will lead to greater hair growth.

Is It Wise to Use My Own Blood During Stem Scalp Regrowth Techniques?

Simply put, there is a reason that the hair transplant doctor will use your own blood. Obviously, the reason is simple because your own blood contains your stem cells. But that’s not all, because your blood even contains other growth factors that will also help to improve tissue regeneration. And most importantly, your blood platelets are going to help boost healing so that you can recover from this process very quickly.

Research tells us that applying platelet rich plasma to improve hair restoration has plenty of wonderful data to support this method. And truth be told, this is one of the biggest reasons why people of all ages and genders should seriously consider the stimulation of hair follicles with PRP. Testing of a clinical nature has proven that this level of technique actually works. C

Clinical Study History Information

According to information that was discovered through clinical trials, 64 patients were tracked for six months after receiving this treatment. From the 64 patients, 62 of these individuals have experienced excellent hair growth improvement during this time.

Stem Scalp System: A Simple Four Step Process

Are you concerned about this procedure? The process is very simple and it is completed in a quick four steps. Those steps are:

  • Blood is drawn from your arm by a technician.
  • The doctor will use exclusive equipment in the laboratory that has received approval from the FDA. This equipment will separate platelet rich plasma from your blood. The separated plasma will then be used as a stimulant to begin the growth of hair follicles lying dormant.
  • The areas about to be treated will be numbed by a doctor. Individuals will typically have their scalp or eyebrows stimulated with this procedure.
  • The PRP is then applied to the part of the body being treated by a qualified practitioner. Micro-needling and injections are usually used concurrently with this formula to help balding and thinning hair receive increased stimulation for better growth.

This high-octane formulation is painless, highly effective, and 100% natural since it uses your own blood. Find out more about Stem Scalp today.

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