Why a Chiropractor Helps Your Skin

While, as you can tell by the domain name, we typically talk about anti-aging serums on this site to keep your skin looking younger, we are also believers in taking care of your body all over. We’ll take a bit of a detour from our normal content and talk today about another wellness practice that is very important and can also keep your skin looking great.

We spoke recently with a friend who is a Spartanburg chiropractor and they shared some ideas with us on why their practice is such an integral part of overall body wellness as well as its positive effects on your skin.

How a Chiropractor Promotes Overall Health

The main reason that a person visits a chiropractor is when they have pain, usually when they have a stiff neck or achy back. This can be the result of many reasons, such as sitting in an office chair all day leaning over their keyboard. Or perhaps they slept awkwardly and when they wake up they have a stiff neck.

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Getting a spinal adjustment can help work out these kinks in the vertebrae and relieve the pain. By resetting the discs of the spine back into their proper alignment, it alleviates pinched nerves. The nervous system is your body’s command center, sending signals all over the body. With a properly working nervous system, your body is communicating at its fullest and everything is working well.

Beyond just increasing your body’s flow of signals and information, relieving the pinched nerves can also increase the flow of blood and nutrients throughout the body. With this promotion of blood flow, your body becomes more nourished all over. If you have dry skin, a visit to the chiropractor may be just what you need (in addition to the topical serums we talk about on this webpage).

When there is increased blood flow, there is more moisture restored to the skin. This can alleviate dry skin, redness, irritation, as well as itchiness at the skin’s surface. While a topical product works from the outside-in, an adjustment from a chiropractor can help soothe your skin from the inside-out.

Beyond those benefits, when you walk out of a clinic after a spinal adjustment you just overall feel better and walk taller. It helps increase posture and joint pain and gives a euphoric feel, similar to after receiving a massage.

We’d like to thank our friend for visiting with us today and sharing this information. If you’d like to find out more, you can visit them at their Facebook page here:



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