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Palmitoyl Tripeptide 5 Information

The need to fight the effects of time and remain youthful and with a tight and vibrant skin is relentless just like time. This has forced the researchers of the cosmetic industry to always try to discover substances that will manage to tilt the balance in favor of the more youthful appearance. 

The majority of researchers abide by the approach that says that the fight should focus on how to maintain the moisture levels of the skin cells to the deepest layers possible and provide adequate levels of nourishing agents. Other approaches explore the options that are offered by trying to eradicate the agents that cause the aging process like the free radicals and the effects of UVA and UVB radiation.

Since all the approaches seem inadequate to cover the needs, researchers turned to a new and rather radical one. The communication between cells. According to this theory, the effects of time gradually cause the skin cells to stop communicating with each other properly and thus allowing for the skin to be penetrated by toxins and other harmful agents.  Therefore if a way was found to restore the proper communication between cells, then the skin would become able to either fight off the toxins or render them inert.

There is no natural compound discovered by the relevant research so far that possesses this ability. So researchers decided to synthesize one. Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5.

The properties

The idea behind the synthesis of this peptide is to use a chain of amino acids that would penetrate the first two layers of the skin (dermis and epidermis) so that the production of collagen should be stimulated and with it normal tissue growth is achieved. Effectively this concept follows the notion that producing more collagen is the basis of a firmer and tighter skin.

The additional property sought after and embedded, is the ability to mimic the mechanism that works naturally within the human body and tells the cells what they are supposed to do. In this case it gives them the order to seek and flush out toxins or take away their ability to act. But, the peptide does not stop there. It goes one step further by making the production of collagen more effective.

By more effective we mean that palmitoyl tripeptide-5 instructs the cells on how to take full advantage of the additional collagen so that no quantities go to waste. In observable terms this means that the effects to the anti-aging process and made visible faster and may last longer.

For the researchers, the ability to instruct the cells what to do is much more important than the ability to stimulate collagen production. That’s because by the proper instructions the cells are made healthier and return to their own normal physical cycles. Consequently they can maintain these cycles, even if the use of the peptide is terminated, for quite some time.


Palmitoyl tripeptide-5, however synthetic, is a peptide made out of amino acids. Even though there are no studies that describe side effects released, it is expected that people with sensitive skin may react to it adversely. It is also expected that there may be some allergic responses like stinging, rash and redness.

Upon the appearance of such side-effects it is recommended that a professional advises the user on whether it is the peptide itself that produces the allergies or whether the reaction with the chemicals of some other pre-existing condition is amplified by the greater efficiency of the cells induced by the peptide. In any case, the appearance of an adverse reaction is an indication that Palmitoyl tripeptide-5 may not be the best solution in this specific case.

The battle between the effects of time and the need to counter them is raging and fierce. At first it was only some people who needed to always remain young and desirable;. then it was a few more, and now it’s almost everyone. It has become a cultural imperative for the women to start using cosmetics even at a very young age and it is rapidly becoming an imperative that men follow down this path too.

This battle requires every weapon it can get. When the natural compounds do not provide the necessary ammunition, it is only natural to create the compounds that do. Palmitoyl tripeptide-5 falls under this category. It is a synthetic compound that was created to serve a specific purpose and with a specific set of properties required by a specific approach to achieve the required results.

It would appear that initially this peptide works on the inside by taking over the command center that gives the instructions to the cells on what they are supposed to do with the toxins and other attacking agents, while stimulating the production of collagen and making its usage more effective. This set of properties appears on the initial stages to be working and while any side-effects have yet to be reported, it does look like they are expected and preparations have been made to counter their effects, should they appear.

Overall it is a promising synthetic. Long term observation and testing will prove the answer to the questions of whether it is also a safe synthetic and a delivering on its promises one.

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