arbonne reviews Arbonne was created 40 years ago in Switzerland by a group of herbalists, biologists and biochemists with Petter Morck as the lead name. They have now moved their headquarters to Irvine, California, U.S.A. with offices in United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Poland. New offices are expected to open in Taiwan in 2016.

The principles behind their products are botanical and address both the external and internal needs of the skin. Green products based on biodegradable ingredients have been manufactured since the very beginning, including recent changes in the packaging to include recyclable materials and soy-based ink. Plus, they have been certified as carbon neutral.

Arbonne Skin Care Reviews

Arbonne is one of the many cosmetics companies that sell their products through network marketing. The concept seems to be gaining support recently as the number of companies that turn to this method of sales over the traditional cooperation with department stores is steadily increasing. The principle behind it is to create a network of people that can make their own hours, work the way they want to and sell as many products as they can to make as much money as they can.

In 2014 the company was ranked 34 in the list of top MLM companies with a revenue of $353 million that resulted from the implementation of this system for the sale of products designed at Arbonne Research and Development Laboratories to cover the needs for:

  • Skincare
  • Bath & Body
  • Hair
  • Sun protection
  • Makeup
  • Fragrance
  • Nutrition
  • for both men and women.

The level of customer satisfaction

In the cosmetic industry the parameters for customer satisfaction include the quality of the cosmetics and the relationship with the customer. The review in these two parts revealed conditions that were not satisfactory at all to say the least.

The issue of a product being easy to use is among the first to be examined. Making the clients use a multitude of products in six step regiments to obtain the desired results cannot be considered as ease of use. Furthermore, it increases significantly the total cost involved, so the overall total cannot be considered as a satisfactory approach to skincare. Including the concern that some of the newer formulas have produced disappointing results, the review adds up to poor customer satisfaction.

In the matter of customer support, the review is even more disappointing as it seems that the people they use to sell their products are not as well-informed as they should be, it is an often situation that the information provided is wrong and it takes an average of ten days for the agent to respond to a message or a request.

To discuss about the actual results obtained by the use of the products themselves, considering that the products are not for generic use and that they depend upon the type of each individual’s skin, the overall opinion is just above average. There are clients who have expressed complete dissatisfaction as well as people who say that they are completely satisfied by Arbonne’s products, but the majority is somewhere in the middle.

Using network marketing

It seems that the greatest problem for Arbonne is the way their products are introduced to the general public. First of all, when someone requires a sample to test before purchasing, it is impossible to do so by ordering online. There must be direct contact with a consultant first and that, as aforementioned, can take quite a long time.

When such a meeting is finally arranged, in multiple occasions the representative sent is ignorant of the details of the products and may provide incomplete, incorrect or even misleading information. The detrimental effect of this inadequacy is carried to new levels when the initial meeting is actually a group one and the potential clients are pampered with the wrong products.

On this score, it seems that Arbonne needs to redesign the system of customer support as well as the education of their consultants. They may produce good products but the way they are presented to the general public, the limitations they impose and most of all the inexperience and incompetence of their consultants must be rectified.

About the active ingredients

Recently there have been publications questioning the mixes of ingredients in Arbonne products through studies conducted by independent laboratories at the request of pharmacists wanting to survey cosmetics on their own. The process cannot be considered to include questionable methods or competition rivalries as it is done completely at random.

The analysis of the products seems to indicate that the legitimate active ingredients for each product are not at the top of the list as they should be. In a specific example the ingredient that should be the first one to appear is listed in the 28th place which means that 27 other things were added to the mix before.

As far as this issue is concerned there have been no official requests for tests by the FDA or other such organizations, nor have any public and official results of relevant clinical studies been released.


A company that has been around for 40 years and ranked at number 34 of the top companies in its field should definitely be more organized, better prepared and ina  position to treat its clientele more professionally. Both above facts include a higher level of responsibility towards the general public, a responsibility that Arbonne must honor at all costs.

No company should expect to keep selling if:

  • Clients do not get a response to their messages or requests within 48 hours
  • All limitations to sampling are not lifted
  • The consultants sent to introduce the company and the products are not knowledgeable and prepared to respond to all questions and queries posed to them and most of all provide accurate and up to date information
  • The clients are forced to buy six different products to enjoy the beneficial results.

The complaints about the quality of the products can be rectified with a new redesigned line but unless something is radically done about the above 4 issues, Arbonne may not be able to hold on either to their 34th place or be around for too long.

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