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As your age increases, your skin gradually looses the power to overhaul itself appropriately, giving room for signs of aging to appear. Wrinkles, dark circles around the eye, fine lines and saggy skin would start emerging on your skin, especially the skin around your eyes, as you age. This makes women more uncomfortable because when they talk with people, they are looked directly at the face. Naturally, more often, people would look into the area surrounding the eye, which is why our product reviews are so popular.  

The Clinique Anti Gravity Eye Cream Review

The good news is that there are products to treat conditions like dark circles, wrinkles, eye bags and saggy skin. Just find a good quality eye cream and use it to treat these conditions. However, finding the right eye cream can be a tedious task. One of the keys to find the best eye cream is reading eye cream reviews available on the Internet. This would give you idea about the eye cream fit for your skin type.

Reviews of Clinique Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream show that it is a good product to remove aging signs from the skin around your eyes.

Factors responsible for aging skin around your eyes

Several factors play part in making the skin around your eye age. The most potent of these factors is the environment you live in. Other factors include:

Diet – As the saying goes “you are what you eat,” this holds perfectly true when it comes to your skin health. The foods you eat affect your skin and overall appearance to a greater extent. For your skin to remain healthy, you should keep away from greasy food in addition to similar foods that may end up excreting their waste through your delicate skin. Having meat on your diet is good for your skin because it gives your body protein and your skin needs it. You should also eat a lot of vegetables and fruits because they help your body get rid of toxic substances and chemicals. Moreover, they help your skin generate more collagen to keep it healthy in addition to helping in getting your skin rid of dead cells.

Stress – A major factor in aging skin is stress. Stress has the potential to disturb your biological systems and make you more suitable to diseases, especially skin diseases. Stress can lead to loss of skin elasticity and give way for wrinkles to appear. If you want to get rid of stress, don’t be implosive, as it would lead to biological breakdowns. Instead be explosive and redirect your energy outwards in the form of exercising and playing martial arts. If you are unable to do that, you can get peace of mind with meditation and yoga even.

Sunlight – Ultra Violets rays can damage your skin. They have the potential to cross your skin and trigger formation of free radicals and toxins, which can damage skin cells and gradually degrade your overall skin appearance. For this reason, a majority skin tightening products are recommended to be used during the night. Clinique’s Lift Cream can be used during the day as well.

To protect your skin from UV rays, don’t forget to get a tan or wear a hat the next time you go out. You can also use sunglasses with verified anti UV rating to stay safe. Using sun block lotions with approved SPF rating is also a good option.

How to use Clinique Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream

Clinique Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream has the potential to remove dark circles, treat saggy skin, and reduce eye bags and wrinkles. Reviews show that the cream is effective. However, to get maximum benefit out of this cream, you should use it in the recommended method, which goes as follows:

  • Before going to bed at night, wash your face properly. You can use a facial gel or soap. However, make sure that you don’t scrub your face.
  • Now make your face dry with the help of a towel, especially area surrounding your eyes. Now its time to apply a moisturizer or toner. You have to make it certain that any other products used have become complete dry on your skin.
  • Now apply Clinique Anti-Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream on the skin surrounding your eyes. Make it certain that you have applied the product to the whole area around your eyes, which includes the eyelids, the corners and the signs of aging. Apply gently and use a little rising push.
  • Wait for the cream to dry and then go to sleep.
  • Repeat the same procedure in the morning.

Some people may have sensitive skin types, and they are recommended to use this eye cream in the night initially. If you don’t see any problem, you can apply during the daytime as well.

You would see visible signs if this cream is effective on your skin. Even with a single use a day, you can see dark circles around your eyes vanish. If you are living or working in a neighborhood that is dusty and polluted, you can keep this cream in your purse to reapply a little whenever you wash your face. Applying anti UV product over this cream can help keep your skin safer.

Experts and Consumer Reviews

Reviews from experts and consumers show that the Clinique Anti Gravity Firming Eye Lift Cream is effective for any skin type, including oily, dry and regular skins. Within few weeks of using this product, you would start seeing visible results with moisturized and fresh skin having little to no sign of aging. It would make your look more youthful and full of energy. It comes packed with precious nutrients and ingredients that would fight wrinkles and rejuvenate your overall skin health. Initially, this product would hide your wrinkles, then it would start minimizing them and finally it would remove them. However, like any other cream, expecting this product to remove aging sigs completely could be an over expectation.

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