Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Hydra Pure Firming Eye Cream

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Hydra Pure Firming Eye Cream

All cosmetics are marketed and manufactured by companies that employ dermatologists and other scientists to design and develop the products. In this context the personal preferences, likes and aspirations of each scientist involved does not matter. What matters is the ability to make a profit regardless of how actually successful the product is.

But what happens if a dermatologist himself creates the company to distribute the products he designs? The result is a company like Dr. Dennis Gross. It’s not just the name of the company but also the name of the dermatologist that has the reputation of formulating breakthrough products including the 2 step at home peel and the advantageous applications of hyaluronic acid on the skin.

By all standards the hydra pure eye cream is considered an excellent to exceptional product that addresses not just one or two, but all of the problems that the process of aging creates to the skin around the eyes and makes it look like the bark of a tree. According to the reviews that this cream has been getting from a multitude of users, it belongs to the top of the list of comparable products as it provides last results fast.

Let’s see if this is really so.

What’s in the Dr. Dennis Gross cream?

When reviewing a cream, the list of ingredients goes to around 50 separate compounds. At the top of the list one can usually find the beneficial compounds while the compounds providing stability, homogenization and preservation are at the end. One brand has a little bit more of this kind of ingredients, the other has a little bit more of that set.

When the list of ingredients for this product was revealed it contained more than 100 ingredients and it seemed that there was one to treat every single problem with all of them being natural.  To remain within the basics:

  • The Hydra pure chelating complex which is patented to Dr. Gross is purposed to remove heavy metals and detoxify the impurities. Yet another different approach to the common concept of trying to deal with the symptoms and not the underlying cause.
  • GABA is a well-known natural chemical which reduces wrinkles and fine lines almost immediately. It stands for gamma-aminobutyric acid and it is naturally produced in the neurons.
  • CO-Q10 otherwise known as ubiquinone has the purpose of providing ant-oxidant properties to defend against the very damaging free radicals and enhance the production of collagen.
  • Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide 7 which is a peptide (protein derivative) meant to provide a firmer look and a lighter tone to the skin.

Despite the multitude of ingredients the cream is ultralight and yet able to rejuvenate, replenish, reinvigorate and repair the skin at the same time as improving its appearance and texture. The entire list is comprised of 100% natural oil and plant extracts, vitamins and botanicals and even people with extra sensitive skin report that there have been no adverse effects like itching, irritation or light sensitivity.

Customer satisfaction

This product has been used by many people to treat many different problems. Gathering the results we have:

  • Almost immediate reduced puffiness
  • The skin around the orbital region is definitely firmer
  • The eye bags are reduced in size and visibility
  • The skin is smoother as the pores are minimized
  • Moisture is provided and locked within the skin cells of all layers thus providing a lighter tone

Further to the above, the cream seems to provide the first results after just a few applications, it is fragrance free, and it seems to be able to work on dry and dull skins.

The conclusion of all reviews is that it is a product that actually delivers a lot more than it promises and that the fact that no other products are necessary to provide optimal results is a strong plus.

The price

One can say “Ouch, this hurts!” when they have the strength to overcome a shock and formulate a coherent sentence. But the price of $90 for half an ounce of product (i.e. $180 for a full ounce) is beyond coherency and words. It is not just expensive. Let’s just say that not too many people can afford to buy it.

Even the fact that it delivers on its promises, the fact that there are no dangerous or environmentally unfriendly ingredients included and the fact that it addresses all the problems that the skin around the eyes presents, are not enough to justify that steep of a price.


The general consensus of opinion classifies the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Hydra Pure Firming Eye Cream at the top of the list of eye skincare products. Justifiably so as it does seem to be able to fight off the sings of aging even if a woman starts using it after they begin to appear. Younger women that begun using it as a preventive measure have delayed the appearance of these signs for quite a while.

Unfortunately at the price it is offered it cannot be used and enjoyed by the majority of the women as they simply cannot afford it. At some point some consideration must be given by the marketing departments that a reduced profit margin may result to greater profits if more people acquire the ability to purchase the product.

Dr. Dennis Gross is considered the doc of choice from the fashion and beauty elite. The brand name will not suffer if the elite weren’t the only ones capable of paying the price. Yet, it does seem that if at some point you do have the money to pay for this product you should definitely add it to your choices and enjoy its beneficial results.

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