Eclos Restorative Eye Cream

Eclos Restorative Eye Cream

Eclos is one of the departments of Freeman Beauty. The focus of the department is to offer anti-aging products based on apple stem cells. Freeman is a well-known brand name in the cosmetic industry. They have been around for 40 years offering a multitude of skincare products through their various specialized departments like Vita-K, Forever beautiful, Psssst, Papaya and others.

For the eyes, the anti-aging cream explores the issues of evening up the skin tone, restoring the qualities of the skin to their normal levels and enhancing the elastin and collagen levels along with the overall smoothness. It is more or less the same approach that the majority of the cosmetic industry takes when they need to address the problems of dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines and shagginess around the eyes.

Review of the Eclos Restorative Eye Creams

To see if they are successful in their objective let’s start with what’s in the cream.

The ingredients

The list may look different than usual but the compounds actually deliver the same properties as other eye creams addressing the same issues through the same approach:

  • Gingko Biloba

It works wonders with the hydration of dry and dull skin to the lowest levels. Along with the soothing properties to tired skin, it makes for a less stressed skin that looks firmer and healthier.

  • Gotu Kola

(Not Coca Cola, sorry!) The ingredient is introduced to the mix for the purpose of increasing the collagen production and restoring the levels of elastin.

  • Wilow bark and horse chestnut

The value of the exfoliation of the top level of the skin should be common knowledge to the female of the species around the world. These ingredients have the purpose of performing such an exfoliation mildly and thus hastening the ratio of skin cell replacement. Newer cells always give the appearance of a firmer and younger skin.

  • Cucumber and chamomile

How many times have you drunk a cup of chamomile to sooth your nerves? How many times have you placed a slice of cucumber on the eyes to let them rest them for a while? Well, these are the reasons that they have been included. To provide rest and relaxation to tired and exhausted skin

The key ingredient is Uttwiller Spatlauber. This is a very rare variety of an apple tree that grows only in Switzerland. The extracts bring forth the newest feature of skin regeneration which is the apple stem cell technology. What this technology does is to maintain the balance of the skin’s normal functions. I.e. it keeps the cells functioning the same way they did a few years back, practically reversing their time line.

Customer satisfaction

The first comment to report is the easiness by which the cream is applied to the skin. It is absorbed immediately and therefore no unnecessary rubbing is required which would aggravate the skin. A further benefit to the immediate absorption is the ability given to the skin for immediate access to hydration and nourishment. On the long run this means faster results. This is an especially handy feature for the ladies that do not want for their cream to start delivering after a few weeks of application have passed.

Other comments have to do with the lack of any artificial fragrance other than the scent resulting from the mixture of the various natural ingredients themselves, the lack of any side-effects like itching or irritation and the way the packaging was executed to prevent the exposure of the cream to the sun or air which would diminish its effectiveness over time.

The price

For other creams the standard is the price in comparison to other similar products. In other cases the price is judged upon the price to results ratio. In this case we have to discuss the price in reference to the duration of the dispenser. Half an ounce can be purchased at $44 ($88 per ounce). The price on its own looks like being a little above average.

However this is not so. If the application instructions are kept then the dispenser should be good for months. Not weeks. Months. Which makes the cost to benefits ratio much greater than a cheaper product that may last for a shorter time period (assuming that the balance of the results achieved is the same).


It appears that Freeman Beauty has released a product that combines all the aspects required for a top quality cosmetic. Natural ingredients that have been clinically tested and verified, a mix that delivers on the results it promises and a price that can easily be considered as cheap compared to the time it takes for a repeat order.

It is a rare opportunity to review a product whose only downside seems to be that it is marketed as on over the counter cream and not as a cosmetic. In reference to other over the counter creams it may seem expensive as their prices range to less than $20 per dispenser. We have already explained why this is far from the truth.

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