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As far as flagship products go, it is difficult to get better than Elite Serum Rx which has long been the most popular product made by boutique skin laboratory SkinPro. Copper peptides are the main ingredient of choice after it was recently

proven they have massive anti aging benefits.  Since 2009, the always updated and improved formula has been getting rave reviews from customers and media publications across the world.  

Elite Serum Reviews Show how it Dominates Bags, Wrinkles, and Dark Circles…

Every woman wants to have youthful skin and wants to stay glowing and beautiful for as long as possible which is why there has always been such a huge following of anti aging products. Serums are preferred to night creams and wrinkle creams because they have the power to penetrate deeper and more effectively because of their low molecular density.

Elite Serum Packaging


The formula is very different and very concentrated which is what sets it apart from similar products out there. There are two major sets of ingredients. One set revolves around peptides which are potent in nature and one set consists of all natural organic ingredients which hydrate and plump up skin.

Let’s first take a look at the peptide ingredients:

Attacking Eye Wrinkles With Argireline

is the main peptide which will make all the difference and it deals with premature aging and full blown deep wrinkles. It has been proven massively effective for the treatment of both. It has often been compared to the effect that Botox has on skin after a few treatment. Argireline gives you all the benefits without any of the needles.

If you haven’t heard of this ingredient, look it up.  It’s really the most incredible anti aging peptide out there right now. It’s also referred to as it’s INCI name:  Acetyl hexapeptide-3.

Skin Pro has used Argireline in many products, namely Elite Serum, dating to 2009.  Widely considered a pioneer in the use of this ingredient, the peptide was later recognized by esteemed talk show host Dr. Mehmet Oz on his popular day time talk show.

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It has benefited from a strong partnership between the makers of Argireline, Barcelona-based Lipotec, and the companies routinely meet to discuss ways to improve the product and increase the results.  (See the associated press release in the resource section).

Argireline targets wrinkles that form around the corners of the eyes, which are commonly referred to as “Crow’s Feet.”  This is one of the top symptoms of aging that men and women ages 33-68 complain of.  Without using an aging aging treatment, these deep creases become more visible as time passes and make your perceived age much higher.

Snap-8 is another potent peptide which contributes to the fantastical results that you get with this serum. It also has an effect like Botox but on a smaller scale than Argireline. It makes the skin smooth and younger looking and also prevents wrinkles which are formed due to repetitive expressions. These can often be the hardest to get rid of.

elite serum with argireline

The other brilliant effect which you can expect is the complete removal of under eye circles. This has been widely tested on both men and women and found to be equally effective in though men have thicker skin.

Haloxyl is the main ingredients which lifts shadows and makes the eye area appear brighter and lighter. It is also effective in treating thin and broken capillaries which are often visible through the surface. Although this problem has a variety of causes and the Elite Serum cannot target all of them, it still makes a wonderful accompaniment product to whatever other skin products you are using.

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Elite Serum Rx Testimonials

Mandy PayneSince the company has sold millions of units of this product online and through it’s various distribution partners, there is no lack of social banter about the acclaimed anti aging serum aptly called “Elite Serum.”  Rather than post all of the stories appearing on the official website, we’ll link you to this page – Elite Serum Testimonials.  Once there, you’ll see various media outlets that have featured this product as well as more mainstream mentions from health & fitness bloggers, “Mom bloggers,” and every day beauty product addicts who gave the product a shot and ended up falling in love with it.


Some very interesting updates have come in lately.  With the addition of the upgraded packaging (the box is gorgeous – it has the quality of an iPhone box and rests neatly in a very soft display – this all of a sudden turned into a very formidable beauty product to give as a gift) many new customers have started to use this anti aging serum.

Most notably, one of the most respected and well known Amazon.com shoppers:  Mandy Payne!

If you don’t know Mandy Payne, she’s a top ten rated review specialist at Amazon, and is known for pulling no punches when it comes to checking out new products.  She recently posted the below review on Amazon.com, which included a very nice video review where she shares her experience with the product.


customer testimonial

We also came across her official video review of the product:


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(Click the Below image to enlarge it and read the full customer review) 

Another Elite Serum Review from Amazon.com

This is another 2015 testimonial found on Amazon.com we thought was worth sharing with everyone.

Before and AfterWe truly feel this is the best anti aging serum for sale.  It’s been tested and analyzed for several years and the maker’s of the product are committed always innovating the formula and updating it’s contents.  Its’ a true dedication to science no other manufacturer has replicated.

Elite Eye Serum

The new and improved Elite Serum Rx.


We firmly believe in transparency and showing factual evidence of any said claims that appear in our reviews.  Below you can find further resources used while creating this editorial.

CEO Timothy Schmidt Meets with Strategic Partner Lipotec.

Acetyl hexapeptide-3 Wikipedia

Mandy Payne Bio.


  1. Anita (Post author)

    There is a lot of information on this product. the reviews check out and it definitely has all the right ingredients inside. Why is it only sold online and not in any beauty supply store?

    1. Admin (Post author)

      Hi Anita,

      We’ve reached out to the manufacturer and will report back. We always try to go the extra mile to get answers for our readers!

  2. Admin (Post author)

    Hi Anita,

    Sorry for the long delay in replying here.

    It appears that as the year 2016 has come around, Elite Serum Rx is now available in select beauty supply stores and spas. You can contact the manufacturer (Support AT EliteSerum.com) to find out more, but there has been press releases we just were forwarded by a reader stating that the product is indeed slowly creeping into retail.


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