Fiafini Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Fiafini Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Fiafini is a new name in the cosmetic industry. It is question worthy why someone would enter this industry since there are so many manufacturers already there and some of them already very successful. What would a new company have to offer that the more experienced ones have overlooked? There must be an angle that will allow any newcomer to claim a portion of the market.

Reviews of Fiafini Eye Cream

For Fiafini this seems to be an ingredient that has been well-known to many of the ancient people of this earth, but for some reason everyone seems to have forgotten all about it. A reason for this might be that it comes from South Africa which has been isolated from the rest of the world for quite a long period in human history either because of its policies or because there was no scientific interest in researching any of the indigenous natural herbs and botanicals.

Marula oil

According to the relevant clinical studies, marula oil incorporates a lot of properties that would otherwise require a multitude of other ingredients to match. Supposedly, it is ten times more stable than olive oil for skin use, it is very effective against free radicals providing anti-oxidant properties, but most importantly it maintains a greater level of moisture in the skin cells by preventing the evaporation of water.

The overall protection that marula oils offers keeps the skin healthier and more protected against the damage from the effects of the sun and other external harmful agents. Furthermore, it contains a number of peptides that are effective against wrinkles and fine lines and being an unsaturated fatty acid it gets absorbed by the skin much easier.

However, marula oil is not the only ingredient in the Fiafini anti-aging eye cream.

Other active ingredients

Licorice root extracts and chamomile derivatives are well known for the nourishment they provide to the skin and the overall beneficial effects. They are very common ingredients for many skincare products especially if they are meant to repair and rejuvenate the skin. Through their properties they provide added skin tightening thus even more diminishing of the effects of the aging process which every woman detests.

However, since Fiafini seems to be heavily focused on manufacturing cosmetics out of unusual natural substances, it’s time to see what exactly the Mallus Domestica fruit cell culture extract does. It appears that it provides stem cells that greatly enhance the production and normal function of new skin cells. It is a fact that as the person ages, the rate of skin regeneration gradually fades and this is the main reason that the body and all its organs start to fail. By increasing the regeneration ration the body is effectively brought back in time to a period with better cell replacement.

Customer satisfaction

All of the above may seem promising and an indicator of a product that delivers, but what actually matters is the opinion of those who have used it. On this subject, the product is very new and not too many people have enough of an opinion as to whether it does do what it claims or not.

So far the clinical trials attached to the product indicate that the hydration is intense and therefore there is enough moisture kept in the cells to allow for the normal operation of the skin cells. All other ingredients have been time tested in reference to their effects. What remains to be seen is whether the cooking of the combination is successful. That can only be displayed after applying the product for a certain period of time to verify if indeed the wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and fine lines are diminished and how long it takes. This has not been done to a satisfactory point yet, so we have to wait and see.

The price

The dispenser is 15 ml (half an ounce) and can be bought for $40. That’s $80 per ounce which can be categorized in the above average prices but not too expensive. Seemingly it is an above average product so the price matches the classification. Again, we will have to wait and see about the results to price ratio which is always the key on every cosmetic review.


New products always need to be tested on the field. Every person has a different skin and the clinical trials do not always display the full sets of results to every skin type. This is why it takes time to see if a new cosmetic can really provide anti-aging properties or just a cover up that will dissipate right after the product is no longer used.

Sometimes a lot more can be deduced by the price. The brand names at the top of the list are most of the times overpriced for what they have to offer. The customer pays more for the brand name than the product. Companies that have been around for a while but have not yet reached the top of the list usually match the quality of the products to the price. I.e. the price is equal to the results.

New companies however tend to underprice their products. As a method of becoming known, as a first acquaintance with the market they want to address, they usually go for a somewhat lower price than the results their product actually delivers. Under this concept it is quite possible that Fiafini’s eye cream is good and worth to be added to the collection of the anti-aging products if there are no long term side-effects involved.

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