Gly Derm Hydrating Eye Cream

Gly Derm Hydrating Eye Cream

GlyDerm products are produced by a relatively unknown company called Equalan Pharma, LLC. They are designed to be administered by medical professionals or through four licensed online sites only. In fact the manufacturing company issues a warning that any products distributed by any other source are not to be trusted.

This is the first disadvantage right there. Cosmetics are supposed to be used by everyone at home when they wake up in the morning or before going to bed at night. A need to administer any kind of pharmaceutical through a medical professional may indicate that the ingredients are too dangerous to be handled without the appropriate knowledge.

Eye creams are specially formulated compounds because they are to address the problems of a very delicate part of the human body. They need to be tested not only in reference to their effects to the skin but also in reference to what effects they may have on the eyes themselves. The main ingredient of the majority of the manufacturer’s products is glycolic acid.

The GlyDerm Hydrating Eye Creams

Pharmacological effects

According to the clinical trials released by Equalan Pharma LLC, neither glycolic acid, which is a rather popular ingredient in many cosmetic products, not any other of the ingredients used, present any comedogenic, toxic or mutagenic effects. All of their products including the hydrating eye cream basically contain lemon fruit and rose hip extracts and green tea.

While it may be true that all these products are of a natural origin and that glycolic acid is famous for its strong hydrating effect and its potential to slow down the aging process, all of them have presented at one time or another the potential to cause allergic reactions. Probably this is the main reason behind the warning of administration from medical professionals. They are to determine if your skin type is among the types that can present these allergic reactions.

Customer satisfaction

The whole point behind the existence of the hydrating eye cream is the hydration of the skin around the eyes and thus remove the dark circles, renew the skin and make it look younger and firmer. According to the customer reviews this cream achieves this effect but not right away. It may take some time and continuous use before any benefits become visible.

Many customers have chosen to use this compound because of the claims of the manufacturer that there will be no hyperpigmentation effects or any permanent scaring. This is actually true. Furthermore after the benefits of the continuous application become visible, the cream is quite effective in fighting fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and dark circles.

However it appears that while the eye cream is effective on its own, for those that require the optimal results, these cannot be achieved without the use of additional products which raises the budget considerably.

The price

The dispenser available on the market contains double the quantity of comparable products. That’s 2 oz. at around $30. Counting in the instructions that say to apply sparingly every morning and night, it should be enough for at least 45 days of use. Bringing it down to the 1 oz. of product which is the average of all dispensers, the price comes to $15 which can easily be considered not just below average but actually cheap.

Customer Relations

The biggest problem mentioned in all reviews is the limited availability of the hydrating eye cream. The insistence of distribution through medical professionals or online sites and not through the general department stores as all other cosmetics, is a major complaint since the product seems to be effective and worth its money.

The second major complain is the necessity of purchasing more products for the optimal results. It is a condition that furthers the distrust that exists on cosmetic companies. It is understandable to want to gain a profit but it is much preferable to produce a single product at a slightly higher price than force the people to buy three or four different products.

On the other hand the insistence for proper application has limited any reviews as to any resulting problems from the application of the cream to practically none which is always a good sign and a distinguishing factor from other products who may be able to achieve the same results but produce major health issues along the way to people that just need a simple product with a simple set of instructions.

Also, in the number of reviews and opinions uploaded on the discussion boards, there are no significant complaints about the way the company handles defective products or honors the warranties of their products. That’s only if the product was purchased through their online sites or through one of their designated medical professionals. If the product was purchased elsewhere, the company does not honor any warranty. Since they have issued the appropriate warning this should not be considered as a disadvantage.


Overall the ratings and the reviews about the GlyDerm Hydrating Eye Cream bring to a product that costs less and delivers more. A product that is quite good now but could improve even more if the manufacturing company listened to the observations made by the users and corrected a few downsides.

Downsides like the danger of allergic reactions in the first place which would negate the need for medical professionals to be involved, the distribution through more places than the online sites and the need to use more products to achieve optimal results. It sounds like a good cosmetic to add to the selection of skin care products in the arsenal against the relentlessness of time.

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