Go Eye Cream

Go eye cream

The manufacturing company is called Royal Pacific Foods / The Ginger People. The department developing the cosmetics is called GO Energy for the skin; it emerged after the joining of Swiss born Yanne Clerc to the team of partners. It may sound strange for some but they have been around for 25 years and are doing quite well in the industry. This amount of time is by itself an indication that they are doing things right. As the name suggests that have based their products on a rather unusual ingredient: ginger.

Reviews of the Go Eye Cream

They import it from Madagascar and use the extracts in their eye cream as well as all their other cosmetics along with a multitude of other natural products. The results of this cooking technique are described as very successful to the point of even reversing the effects of aging and the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines. Let’s see if this is really the case.

The ingredients

The approach that this company chose to add ‘beauty’ is to tighten the skin around the eyes. They achieve this objective by trying to maintain and enhance the integrity of the skin there. Through this approach wrinkles and fine lines eventually disappear providing the desired result of a younger and fresher face.

The list of active ingredients is quite long:

  • Ginger oil and extract
  • Argania Spinosa Kernel Extract
  • Cocoglycerides
  • Coccaprylate
  • Jojoba, sunflower beeswax and mimosa esters
  • Jojoba, avocado, evening primrose and camellia oils
  • Tapioca starch
  • Vitamin E
  • Xantham Gum
  • Aloe leaf juice
  • Organic primrose

To discuss about what each of these ingredients does is beside the point. What is not, is a careful analysis which shows that the first focus is the health of the skin followed by deep hydration. The deeper the better. The addition of primrose indicates that any side-effects like irritation and itchiness are calmed down and that the cream provides protection against the elements of nature and other external harmful agents.

Aloe is well known for repairing the skin. Either through hydrating or through enhancing the collagen production. It is also well known for treating burns. Its purpose in the overall combination is to address the needs of more sensitive and more damaged skin types.

To focus on what ginger does for the skin, it contains about 40 compounds that provide anti-oxidant properties. These detoxify the skin cells, improve blood circulation and deliver more nutrients. They also fight the free radicals thus improving on the elasticity of the skin.

It all seems natural and effective but let’s see how the package translates to the customers themselves.

Customer satisfaction

The common denominator says that the first effect of this cream to the skin around the eyes is a feeling of increased energy. As the time passes, with each application, the skin becomes healthier and after a while the fine lines and wrinkles begin to fade until they disappear completely. It does take a few months to reach this point but it seems that after it has been reached, the continuous use of the cream keeps the signs of aging away by providing the optimal levels of hydration and the energy levels required to keep the skin healthy.

And this is the main complaint actually about this cream. That it takes too long to provide the beneficial results. Compared to other similar products it takes two or three times the period to deliver thus, even with the low price, it costs just as much as products that deliver faster but are more expensive.

However, it does seem that if, after the optimal results have been achieved and the customer discontinues the use of the cream, the effects last longer than other products as the skin has become overall healthier and more energized and thus being able to function at normal levels for quite a while without help as long as exposure to the same damaging elements is avoided.

The price

$25 for half an ounce ($50 for a full ounce) is around the average. It is affordable for most women and it does deliver on its promises in the end which means that it is worth the money.


GO Eye cream is more or less a trade-off proposition. A good average price for a better than average product that just takes longer to deliver on its promises. It does seem a logical bargain for the women around the age of 30 where the aging signs have not become apparent yet, but it is time that they should consider their options about preventing their appearance altogether instead of trying to cure them later on.

It may also be a good deal for women that have begun to show the wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles and need something to work steadily and surely. But it wouldn’t be the first choice for the ladies that need their skincare products to work immediately and do not care if they provide a long lasting effect or not.

In any case it is a weapon against the sings of aging that deserves a place in the choices of any woman that wants to look young with healthier and brighter skin and delay the aging process considerably.

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