Truth be told, before I really get into my Hydrolyze eye cream story, I just want to get this one thing out of the way so that you understand where I’m coming from. I hate to tell people when I get ripped off. I feel like shit when it happens and it’s never my favorite topic to share with anyone. But at the same time, I do not want to see anybody else get burned by a company like Hydrolyze. So I’m willing to bite the bullet and let everybody know that I got taken for a ride in order to help other people avoid the same miserable fate that I experienced.

So let’s get cracking…

Try HydrolyzeI came here today to talk about a company named Hydrolyze as part of my ongoing anti aging serum reviews. They are a company that sells antiaging products, they have many different aliases and it’s incredibly hard to track this company down. And worst of all, they try to rope you in with a free trial product offer that is incredibly inexpensive. But when all is said and done, they have locked you into some kind of perpetual billing cycle that is incredibly difficult to get out of. I’m going to talk about that more later on, so if you’re curious about what I had to do to get out of this mess then keep reading.

Why I Absolutely Can’t Stand Hydrolyze and Companies Just like It

The truth is that I was incredibly interested in buying the Hydrolyze free trial for $9.95. That’s a bit of an oxymoron right away because you’re actually spending $10 to get a free trial. But they sell it that way by telling you that you’re going to get the actual product for free and the only thing that you are paying for is the shipping and handling. It seemed fair enough at the time, so I gladly paid my $9.95 to test out this product.

I brought it over the Internet, so I really didn’t have any interaction with anybody at the company at first. That changed eventually and I had to interact with many salespeople in an effort to get out of their endless billing loop, but initially I made my purchase over the Internet through the company website.

All started off well enough. Within a couple of days I received my 30 day free trial, but the funny thing is that they actually sent me more product than I initially expected. At first I thought I just got lucky and thought that they made a mistake. Because they gave me 90 days’ worth of product so I thought I hit the proverbial lotto for a second there. Boy was I wrong!

So, I started using the product each and every day and followed the recommendations. I rub it under my eyes religiously because I really hope that it works. It’s one of those products that I’d be happy to pay full price for if it actually did what it said it can do. But after a couple of weeks I knew that it was all hype and nothing more. But since I had only spent $10 I really wasn’t all that upset about the experience.

Then the unthinkable happened…

Right after the 30 day trial ended, I happened to be looking at my bank statement and noticed that I had received a charge for $69.95 from a company that I didn’t even recognize. The company Hydrolyze was so far out of my mind at this point that I didn’t even think that it was from them. I tried to call the number to inquire about the charge and had very little luck figuring out what was going on.

Then out of nowhere the mail comes one day and I get another package from Hydrolyze. This time they had sent me a month’s worth of product and to the best of my knowledge I never ordered anything else from them. Heck, I thought the product was complete garbage so I would never place another order and pay full price for something that I knew didn’t work.

It turns out that I was part of a rebilling and re-shipping loop that I supposedly signed up for. It must’ve been hidden within the copy somehow but I had absolutely no idea that I was becoming part of some type of rebilling scheme. I would have never ordered the sample product to begin with if I knew I was going to go through this kind of hell just to stop paying these idiots $70 a month.

So I have finally reached a point where I feel like I am about to explode. I keep calling the company and am trying to track them down and have had an incredibly difficult time getting through to them. It turns out that they have a number of different corporations and LLCs that they operate under, and they are obviously doing this on purpose because it is a complete scam and they are trying to make it impossible for people to get out of their endless loop.

So the moral of the story is to stay away from Hydrolyze. And in all honesty you might want to stay away from rebilling products altogether. But that is up to you, because in no way are all companies scam artists like Hydrolyze. So it’s up to you to determine who you’re going to get involved with.

What I Had to Do to Finally End the Hydrolyze Nightmare

And believe me when I tell you that this really was a nightmare. It lasted for about three months and they ended up billing me $140 more dollars than I planned to spend.

All in all, I ended up having to cancel my credit card. I could not figure out a way to get out of this vicious billing cycle. I had no choice but to tell my credit card company that I lost the card and made them cancel it so that I could get a new one and end this nightmare once and for all.

I would never recommend anyone buy anything from Hydrolyze. It might turn out to be the biggest mistake of your life. It was a huge mistake for me!  Read the chart below to see why this eye serum tops our list.

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