La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum

La Prairie is one of the facial cream and anti aging companies that has created a product line with a very uncommon ingredient. The ingredient that we are talking about is platinum.La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum

This is a rare metal that many companies used to make jewelry! It’s also one of the reasons why the La Prairie cream is incredibly costly at $650 per ounce.

In order to have it absorbed within the skin, the cream uses a special micronized version of platinum that is known as colloidal platinum. Ultimately, it is a suspension of platinum particles that are in water.

The main question on everyone’s mind is this… What is platinum capable of doing in a skincare product of this type?

How Does La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Work?

A chemical researcher that works in a Swiss lab named Jacqueline Hill is the person who came up with this idea to use platinum as a way to fight off wrinkles. She provided an explanation for the science behind it. It was reported in W Magazine, and here’s a quote that she shared:

“The skin has an iconic buffer zone that holds in moisture while protecting against free radicals and other damaging forces. One side of this zone is made up of positively charged electrons, while the other side is composed of those with a negative charge. When the balance between negative and positive becomes out of whack due to exposure to pollution, sun damage and stress, the buffer can’t do its job properly, leaving skin both dry and more vulnerable… Platinum reestablishes a good electrolight balance, improving moisturization and helping protect the skin.”

What Does La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Do?

Now that you know little bit more about the product itself, it’s time to try and figure out exactly what it does.

According to La Prairie, the product is supposed to help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. But based on much user experience and a lot of information that we have read on the Internet, this product does not live up to the humongous $650 price tag.

We are not trying to say that it doesn’t work. But we are trying to say is that at $650 a pop, there are many better products out there that are a lot more affordable. There’s no need to waste your time and money on a product like La Prairie cellular cream platinum that is so darn expensive.

The blended ingredients are supposed to hydrate the skin by measuring humidity within the air. This helps to provide the skin with the correct amount of moisture. And the exclusive smart crystals are supposed to guard the youthful appearance of skin. Nobody knows the exact combination of these ingredients, and as far as we can tell, we cannot prove how effective they are one way or another.

At the end of the day, we recommend looking at other serums to make us look younger.  It’s just not worth the $650 price tag. There’s no definitive proof that platinum will help benefit your skin one way or another.

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