Lancôme Genifique Eye Cream

Most of the women have a common complain when it comes to their physical outlook and that is the area of skin around the eyes. For its thin and delicate texture, the area around the eyes is very prone to early or untimely signs of aging of fatigue.  Along with brands like Clinique, Garnier Nutritioniste, and Burt’s Bee’s Radiance, this is an old name in the skin care industry.

Genifique Eye Cream Reviews by Lancome

No matter how many layers of makeup you wear to hide the wrinkles or dark circles around the eyes, bags or puffiness still remains quite perceivable. Due to augmenting inflation everyone is on the run trying to find means to make a living, women are no longer spared with too much time that could spend applying home remedies on themselves to look after their skin or eyes.

Because the unattractive facial appearances are too blatant to be completely camouflaged with make up or other heavy creams, that could cause further damage, healthcare companies have manufactured eye creams, serums and gels to counterpart these unwanted facial glitches.

The nature of my job requires my services in the night shift, and even though I make sure I get good sleep in the day, there are still bags under my eyes and dark circles, that makes me look stressed and older for my age. My colleague recommended me Lancôme Genefique eye cream, and coming across it was indeed a blessing.

Lancôme Genefique Eye cream is a youth activating eye concentrate, especially manufactured to help reduce early signs of aging giving a much younger looking skin. This sweet fragranced eye gel is combination of perfect ingredients with stimulants to help correct the skin by retaining sufficient hydration making it look youthful and fresh with noticeably reduced dark circles or fine lines.

This gel texture cream is enriched with generifique technology, this specifically helps rejuvenate the skin and fight the signs of fatigue.

I could notice its miraculous effects just in a week of its application. Unlike other creams, I loved touching my skin for its velvety finish after using Lancôme generfique. My friends could notice a significant different in my skin around the eyes which, as per their comments, looked more infused with life.


  • For best results, it is directed to be used daily for a few weeks consistently.
  • Apply on a cleansed skin.
  • For immediate outcome, use with the combination of Lancôme genefique repair crème or Lancôme genefique eye light pearl.
  • Expect the results in as less than 7 days.
  • To apply, tab a little amount of this gel with the tip of your ring finger gently around the eyes until completely absorbed. Avoid dragging along the skin.


I highly recommend this product to those who wish to have a perfect anti-aging formula. This is a very reliable product also for the reason that it belongs to a very popular brand Lancôme Paris. With Lancôme genefique eye cream, feel younger and more empowered. Please consult a physician for a suitable skin type before applying this product on your skin to check for reactions.

Product specifications:

Price: $65


Phone: 1-800-526-2663

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