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Admittedly the name itself is strange, there is a lot that this company has to offer. The company it represents is a small family owned one based in Portland, Maine and their assertion to the cosmetic industry says that they do not put into their products any ingredient that they would not want to use on themselves. Furthermore, they have built a brand name that says that they are environmentally conscious which turns the general customer opinion in favor.

Mad Hippie Eye Cream Reviews

Their eye cream product claims to fight the root causes that produce crow’s feet, dark circles and eye bags.  The existing reviews and opinions posted on the discussion boards say that it actually delivers on its promises. Getting over the strangeness of the name and examining the product itself, let’s discuss if this really is a fact or not.

The active ingredients

All cosmetic products base their results on what the manufacturers put in. In this case there is a rather unusual assortment:

  • Eyeliss

This ingredient is supposed to specifically address the dark under eye circles by strengthening the blood vessels, increasing the lymphatic drainage and improving the overall blood circulation, thus firming the skin and providing additional elasticity. In comparison to other approaches to the problem this one is undoubtedly unique.  Read more about it here.  

  • Matrixyl 3000

The problem of the aging process is the reduction in the production of elastin and collagen. Matrixyl 3000 is known as an elastin and collagen production stimulant which in turn reduces the wrinkles and fine lines. Additional benefits are derived from the effects to the skin tone.  Read more about it here.  

  • Regu-Age

It’s another unique ingredient. A peptide complex working on the dark circles and the puffiness by improving microcirculation and by protecting the collagen and elastin bundles. Again, a different approach to the problem than the usual one.

  • Haloxyl

It’s another peptide with anti-inflammatory properties reinforcing the skin tone and firmness.  You can read about it right here.  

Further to the above, the rest of the ingredients include vitamins B3, C, E and K, chamomile extract, protein and pomegranate. All natural products including to address the full set of skin needs including nutrition and hydration.

Customer satisfaction

The product is relatively new and therefore most reviews and opinions have to do with trial testing rather than long term use. Most of them do accept that it is a completely satisfactory product that does deliver on what it promises.

However the professional opinions on the Mad Hippie Eye Cream say that while it contains natural products, those products have been known to produce allergies to people with specific skin complexes or with other underlying causes. They are also known for producing reactions like burning and stinging.

The same professionals issue a warning to receive professional advice before testing this product to make sure that you do not belong in any of the groups that are susceptible to the adverse effects.

On the positive remarks about this eye cream, the great packing and the use of a pump to increase health and safety parameters are included.

However, the common denominator of all customer reviews seems to focus on the claim of the manufacturer that none of their products has been tested on animals. For all the customers that have an inclination to protect the animal life of this planet this is a very strong positive issue.

Of even further liking to the environmentally conscious clientele is the fact that Mad Hippie is known to give a portion of their overall revenue to green minded and non-profit organizations. Furthermore, they are known to use 100% wind energy, print their labels on soy ink and do everything possible to reduce their carbon footprint. All the above speak loudly as to their environmental consciousness.

The price

The container of half an ounce of product goes to the market at about $22. Adjusting it to the 1 ounce package which is the usual container of the comparable products it goes for $44. This is definitely an above the average price which can be considered as affordable but not expensive.

If, indeed, the product does contain only natural ingredients and does deliver on its promises over a long period of time without any unpleasant side-effects, the consensus of opinion seems to favor that the product is worth the additional cost, especially since no other companion products are required to provide optimal results.


This is a relatively new product addressing the issues of aging in an unusual way and under an unusual name. This in no way implies that the product is not providing the results it claims. On the contrary those who had the notion to test it say that it is an effective product addressing the undesirable effects of the passage of time to the eyes providing a younger look and a more radiant skin.

The problem of allergies and adverse reactions is common to all cosmetics even the best ones. All it takes is a good professional advice to make sure that you yourself are not in danger. Other than that, if you are inclined to spend a little more on your cosmetic products it seems like this will become a hot product in the future.

Here is a link to the product everyone is raving about.

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