Murad Renewing Eye Cream

Murad Renewing Eye Cream

Murad is a well-known name in the cosmetic industry. It is one of the old, yet top of the line companies that have been around for quite some time and still producing quality cosmetics for the general public. Their renewing eye cream is considered as a top of the line product but for reasons that are slightly different than what would be expected.

First of all the approach towards solving the problems of crow’s feet, dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines doesn’t differ from the general thinking line of hydrating the skin around the eyes which doesn’t have any of the glands that produce sebum and hydrate the rest of the skin.

The Murad Renewing Eye Cream Reviews

The ingredient package

Murad is one of the companies that incorporate a multitude of ingredients in their products. For this one the combination includes a series of peptides, an eye brightening complex, high concentrations of retinol, extracts from iris root, yam, soybeans and Satsuma and phytoestrogens.

While each one of the above is included to provide a solution to a different part of the equation that is required to reduce the dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines along with providing a brighter firmer and more youthful skin, the top beneficial result is the hydration of the skin by not only providing but also attracting and keeping moisture at the optimal levels.

Client satisfaction

This is where it becomes a little bit strange. The majority of the reviews observe that while the required results in the fight against wrinkles, finer lines, crow’s feet and dark circles take a while to become visible and be maintained, what the clients like most on this cream, is its texture and richness which provides a soothing and relaxing effect after each application. This effect is not present in any of the other comparable products and it makes for a positively distinguishing characteristic.

Furthermore there is no discernible scent in the compound which avoids any problems to people with sensitive skin. If this is added to the very rare occurrence that there is no warning for this product about any allergies or skin irritation or any other adverse reactions like burning or stinging and no advice that the opinion of a professional might be required before testing this product, then the result of the public opinion that the Murad Renewing Eye Cream is a top ranking product make sense.

The price

This is where the reaction becomes an “ouch”! $80 for half an ounce of product. $160 for a full ounce. This price is not just high. It’s expensive anyway you cut it. It may very well be that it’s a product that delivers on all of its promises and more. It may very well be that there are no pharmacological adversities attached to it. It may very well be that there are only natural ingredients that take care of environmental issues as well. But $80 for half an ounce is not just an “ouch”! It’s a “THIS HURTS!”

Murad has been accused of releasing unsatisfactory products to the general public in the past. Products that probably resulted in loss of capital and loss of the projected revenues attached to each of these products. This time they released a good product. If this steep price means that they intend to make up for the losses they suffered from their unsuccessful releases they should reconsider their approach to the market.

Profits and losses are a part of doing business. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But it is not a healthy practice to balance the losses by increasing the price of one successful product. A company like Murad should have a marketing department capable of advising them correctly on this subject.


There is no doubt that Murad produced a very successful and very potent eye cream which will help every woman in her fight against dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and all other indications that tell on the aging process. There may be very little doubt that this product is pure, friendly, environmentally conscious and offering a soothing and calming effect even before the results of its application become visible.

But the price of $80 for such a small quantity of product is not only expensive.  There is a better, more powerful serum we review here.  It is limiting the clientele greatly. It says clearly that this product is not for the general public. It is only for the few people who can afford such a price. I.e. the majority of women that belong to the middle and low classes of society will never add it to their list of cosmetics. Which will provide for even more ammunition to those who maintain that cosmetics are not just overpriced for what they offer. They are only meant for the upper classes of society. And this is bad public relations and a detriment to Murad’s brand name.

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