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Some creams and serums that intend to fight the signs of aging focus their efforts on keeping the skin hydrated and do whatever possible to enhance the production of collagen and elastin so that the very sensitive area around the eyes is kept firm and looking young. Some others focus on improving the blood circulation and the nourishment of the skin to accomplish the same results.

The Obagi Nu Derm Full Review

Each company that produces cosmetics for this use does so under the ideas of their lead scientists. In the case of Obagi Nu Derm Eye cream it seems that the idea of the lead scientist is a rather unique approach to the problem of wrinkles and fine lines. It comes out of the belief that the aging process includes dead skin that is not properly replaced and is subject to the effects of gravity. So if this dead skin is removed leaving only new skin cells on the top surface, the appearance will be that of a younger and firmer skin.

How this concept works

To formulate the cream that follows this train of thought, the manufacturer loaded the product with a ton of ingredients. The list includes natural oils, aloe, a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and C, alpha and beta hydroxyl acid, anti-oxidants and collagen production enhancers.

The notion says that the problem occurs because of bad dietary habits, bad sleeping habits and unprotected exposure to the sun and the other elements of nature, along with other way of life conditions that eventually lead to excessive skin around the eyes. In fact, these “way of life conditions” include more psychological aspects like vanity which lead to overuse of cosmetics, frequently with more adverse than beneficial results.

Since the method of application of every eye cream or serum is a gentle rub around the eyes, this is where the excessive skin always accumulates and this is where it has to be removed in order for the new cells to remain on top and provide the firmer and tighter skin.

The professional opinions

This is a brand new product released under a brand new concept. It has not yet received the proper testing where it counts, i.e” the women of the world with multitude of skin types and textures and problems. It should be expected that for some it will work fine, for some it will work averagely and for some it may not work at all. The general reviews are always based on which of the three gets the more votes.

What we can discuss here is the opinion of various dermatologists that have commented on the list of ingredients. The supporters’ side says that the ingredients in the list not only remove the excess skin, but also provide enough hydration and nourishment so that the skin cells become healthier over time and the replenishment ratio becomes normal again. Over time, any wrinkles, shagginess, dark circles, fine lines and all the other signs of aging fade away and therefore the cream accomplishes what it is set out to do.

On the other hand there is a substantial number of dermatologists that dispute these observations. It may very well be that the ingredients are all natural and providing the properties needed to serve the manufacturer’s train of thought, but it always is the combination that makes the difference. Too much of this ingredient may have really adverse side effects like itchiness and irritation. Too little of that ingredient and the balance of the mixture just does not pack enough punch to remove the excess skin.

Counting in that many companies have made false claims with products that were based on roughly the same set of ingredients with roughly similar properties. It is made imperative that the final determination of whether this cosmetic is successful or not needs to be left to the customers and their reviews when they start coming in over time.

The price

Here is where it becomes really interesting. It is understandable that with such a long list of ingredients some advanced cooking may be required to produce a stable product that can really incorporate and deliver on each and every single property. But asking for $75 for a dispenser of half on ounce (i.e. $150 per ounce) is outright expensive.

It was even worse when the initial price was $106 for the same dispenser. It probably is that no one bought this cosmetic at such a high price that forced the company to reduce it. The price of $212 per ounce would put it as the most expensive eye cream in existence. Without a proven record this is nothing short of unacceptable.


A product that contains a lot of ingredients probably addresses many issues. It may very well be that all the tests in vitro or in vivo (i.e. in individual cells in a laboratory or in living people under controlled conditions) produce the most positive of results. It may very well be that each ingredient is a wealth of benefits on its own. However, this does not mean that the same product will exhibit the same behavior in real world conditions.

There is no way to predict how much time each and every one spends exposed to the sun. There is no way of predetermining how sensitive a skin is. No one can predict something that is inherently unpredictable. There is no other way of finding out if what someone has created is successful than receiving feedback from the people addressed. The women of the world.

Without this feedback, asking for such an exorbitant price cannot be considered as good marketing. No matter what the actual cost to the manufacturer is, to be in the highest places of the most expensive cosmetics without adequate backup of the claims is flat out wrong.

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