Olivella Eye Cream

Olivella Eye Cream

Olivella is one of the oldest cosmetic companies in existence. They came into the industry as far back as 1945 and are among the most well known names today.

That’s 70 years of being in business and 70 years of being able to adapt to new situations, incorporate new technologies, employ good scientists and manufacture products that are of such a quality that customers keep buying them, therefore providing Olivella with the funds to continue the research and development of both the products and the company itself.

The name itself is derived from the basic ingredient used in all their products. Virgin olive oil. There have been a lot of papers written about the beneficial effects of olive oil to the human heart, the human body, the human skin. A fair amount of ink has been used to write about the Mediterranean diet and about the hydration that olive oil provides to the skin to keep it healthy and radiant.

The Olivella Eye Creams

However, it is not just olive oil. Let’s take a look on what else is included in their eye cream.

The ingredients

The secret of every cosmetic is its mix of compounds. There are many cases where the compounds are very beneficial on their own, but the mix is incorrect causing one compound to cancel the effects of the other. This does not seem to be the case here. The cooking seems to work fine as long as the instructions are kept. This is what they put in the pot:

  • Vitamins C and E
  • Citric Acid
  • Glycerine
  • Xantham Gum
  • Matricaria and Mallow extracts
  • Sodium Hyaluronate

Each of the above has been repeatedly tested for the effects it provides to the skin. Olivella went one step further to have the compound tested dermatologically and ophthalmologically to make sure that there are no side effects either to the skin or to the eyes. Actually all eye creams and serums should get tested whether they can cause any eye problems since they are applied so close to the sockets.

How to use it

The important issue in this case is actually not the customer reviews but the instructions given by Olivella on how to achieve the optimal results. Olivella insists that the application should begin at the age of late 20s instead of waiting for the first aging signs to begin appearing. It is the age where the ratio of skin replacement is still optimal right before the balance starts to get tilted towards the creation of less new cells.

Actually Olivella says that it is more important to prevent and delay the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines. They maintain that their product will work if someone begins using the cream after the first symptoms appear and it will make them go away. However the effects will last a lot longer if someone begins using the cream when the time is right.

Customer satisfaction

It is probably the instance that each customer begun using the cream that can explain the reviews about it. Up to 54% have judged it to be of the highest quality and delivering on its promises. However, there is a rather high 26% that mentions that no visible changes have resulted from its use.  Furthermore, there have been references to the cream not being easily absorbed by the skin, that the level of hydration provided to the skin is not adequate and that the fragrance is too strong for those who are sensitive.

On the positive side the reviews mention that the dispenser is good enough to last for years, that the cream is very light and that it does not leave any greasy residues.

The price

The dispenser comes in a full ounce of product at about $15. Counting in the reviews that say that this much of cream can last for a couple of years, we can easily be discussing for the best price to time ratio. It is both very cheap as an initial purchase and it will take quite a long while for a re-order. There is one question which has not been answered and that is whether the cream can last that long or if it will lose a portion of its strength and effectiveness as it remains on the shelf.


Every product should work if its user listens to the manufacturer and follows the instructions. The creator should always have more knowledge about the secrets of the creation than the user. In this case, Olivella suggests that their eye cream achieves the best results if it is used at a specific point during the life of a woman. If this suggestion is followed then if the product does not provide the required results it is a bad product. At least for this specific skin type.

In this case it appears that if the directions are followed we are talking about a very good product that combines an excellent price and an excellent duration. This may actually be more of a problem than a positive trait. A cosmetic should work under all conditions and not only if a specific set of instructions is followed. Nevertheless, it is positive that there is this suggestion to indicate the appropriate use of a product.

Considering the price and the time it takes to re-purchase, the balance shows that it is a very interesting cream to add to the collection of the various anti-aging products.

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