Palmer’s Eye Cream

Palmer’s Eye Cream

Palmer’s is an established name in the cosmetic industry. It’s a name that inspires trust and confidence for natural ingredients that do not cause unpleasant side-effects and for products that actually deliver on what they promise. In one form or another they have existed since the mid-19th century which probably puts them as the oldest surviving cosmetics industry. The current ownership is held by E.T. Brown Drug Company and it is so since 1971.

Review of the Palmer’s Eye Creams

Palmer’s does not use any untested or unusual ingredients and they tend to not go for unusual solutions. They prefer to remain on the beaten path and provide good solutions rather than radical ones that may not work.

Whether this approach is best or not enough is always up to what the users think. Sometimes solutions may work for a specific skin type and be ineffective for other ones. Some other times solutions may address an issue but leave others untouched. A good product is one that can provide satisfactory answers all around. It doesn’t have to be excellent. But it does have to be effective.

The ingredients

Palmer follows the standard train of thought which says that the secret for a healthy skin is the proper hydration. For the skin around the eyes this is not enough. All products addressing this region must also be gentle enough and very carefully formulated so that no harm can come to the eyes. Under this premise the Palmer’s eye cream contains:

  • Cocoa and shea butter

This is the staple of ingredients that Palmer’s uses in all their products. Both of them have been time tested and proven for the deep hydration they provide even to the deepest layers of the skin.

  • Peptide complexes

Further to the issue of hydration, the standard train of thought requires that eye creams have ingredients that can increase the production of collagen as this is the basis of the youthful appearance of the skin.

  • Retinol

Actually vitamin A. In this context it is used as a mild exfoliator and as a blood flow enhancer. It is also used as a barrier to block the moisture in the cells.

  • Vitamin E

No eye cream that respects the name cannot be released on the market without including at least one anti-oxidant ingredient.

  • Aloe Vera

This is a known soothing and relaxing substance. In this context it reduces the stress of the skin.

  • Evening primrose

To avoid unpleasant side-effects it is useful to include an ingredient that can provide anti-inflammatory properties to calm down any adverse reactions.

  • Milk Protein

The signs of aging require something to even up the skin tone and enhance the texture.

The entire list consists of non-comedogenic and hypo allergic compounds which should not provide any irritation, itching or other kind of sensitivities.

Customer satisfaction

Basically the balance of reviews points to a product that delivers on the promise of making wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles fade away. The effects become visible after a few weeks from the initial application. They also speak of a product that leaves no greasy after effect which can create problems when wearing heavy make-up on top.

However there is one cloud in an otherwise clear sky. While some of the ingredients will provide protection against UVA and UVB radiation, it is recommended that an additional sunscreen is applied if there will be exposure to the sun of more than a few minutes. Actually the recommendation even goes so far as to indicate that the application of a sunscreen will produce further beneficial results by creating an additional barrier to keep moisture in.

Other than that, people love the glowy effect it has when it is applied to the skin and the mild scent which does not irritate people that are sensitive to fragrances.

The price

$15 for half an ounce ($30 for a full one) classifies Palmer’s eye cream among the cheapest solutions for cosmetics to fight the signs of aging. This cost however is not the actual one as the additional charge for a sunscreen increases the overall expenditure. Nevertheless, even when both costs are included, the solution is still among the cheapest available on the market that provide the required results.


A low price, a good eye cream product and a brand name that inspires confidence is a good combination. A combination that sways people into purchasing a set of products that may have slight disadvantages but in the end provide the services and the results that people are looking for.

The hunt for beauty and youthful appearance is relentless. But so is time. In this constant battle there are myriads of eye creams poised to provide the beautiful and youthful appearance that can defeat the effects of time and the effects of the elements of nature and the rest of the external harmful agents. In the quiver of weapons in this fight, we suggest you check out this top rated eye serum.  

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