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ShiKai Eye CreamShikai was created in 1970 by Dr. Dennis Sepp. Being around for 40 years means that whatever it is that you do, you do it right. It all started with just a shampoo. Now it’s over 50 different skincare products, all of them considered as top of their class and all of them manufactured with natural ingredients, vitamins and extracts from herbs and botanicals. The base of operations is in Santa Rosa, California and the official name is Shikai Borage.

The ShiKai Eye Creams – A Full Review

In reference to the eye cream that is being reviewed, it appears that the balance of customer opinions refers to a product with probably the best price to results ratio. It delivers on its promises for reduction of wrinkles, file lines and puffiness without being overly priced while there are some downsides that are rather important and should be discussed. The objective is to help women look younger with firmer skin and to delay the effects of the inevitable aging process.

The ingredients.

Shikai follows the general contemporary line of thought that says that the main problem is the lack of moisture to the skin. Therefore, the ingredients are aimed to provide an as deep and lasting hydration of the skin around the eyes as possible. The list of the active ones is:

Jojoba oil

It matches the natural oils produced by the human body thus reducing any greasy feeling after each application. Being non-comedogenic it leaves the pores open.


The main effect of glycerine or glycerol to the skin is the ability to guide the cells to mature normally. It also helps treat damaged skin.

Shea butter

It’s the main ingredient to fight wrinkles and fine lines while providing deep hydration to the skin. It also provides healing effects and it is recommended for those who experience sever skin issues.

Vitamin E

It’s a powerful anti-oxidant especially against the free radicals preventing cellular damage.


Just like rose water it incorporates astringent and skin tightening properties along with providing a refreshing and soothing effect.

Licorice root

The use of this extract for cosmetic purposes goes back to the Arabs and the Chinese for thousands of years. It packs 150 different chemical compounds that renew and nourish the skin thus contributing in its overall rejuvenation and health.

Looking at the ingredients the conclusion is that Shikai attempts to focus on the free radicals and the damage they produce in a preventive rather than curing balance. Further to hydrating the skin, the focus seems to be on repairing damages and increasing the overall skin health. The combination is considered as a most potent one along with providing long lasting results.

Customer satisfaction

In general the eye cream needs to be applied for a few weeks before the beneficial effects become visible. And these effects are the definite reduction of puffiness and tighter and firmer skin along with deeper hydration and improved skin texture. It is considered as very gentle on the skin without leaving a greasy effect.

The most important downside mentioned is that the entire formulation is intended for dry and sensitive skins. If it is used by women with oily skin then there have been numerous problems reported including difficulty to keep the formula on the skin for as long as it is necessary in order to provide the required results, while make-up is not properly layered over the cream.

The solution given for this issue is to apply the cream only before going to bed at night and not in the morning. This solution seems to cut the application in half which may indicate that it will either take longer to achieve the required results or that there may be no results at all.

Further drawbacks refer to the old style and inelegance of the packaging which is a rather inconsequential issue.

The price

Half on ounce can be purchased for an average of $16 which makes it $32 per ounce. For the reviews it has received and the potential it packs, the price is definitely lower than the average, very reasonable and very affordable to the vast majority of customers. If the instructions of applying sparingly are followed then the dispenser should last for about 30 to 40 days.


It seems that the characterization as the eye cream with the best results to price ratio is well justified and well deserved. We have a product that packs a multitude of natural and potent ingredients that not only attempts but succeeds in reducing the signs of the aging process after a few weeks of continuous application. For the women that have chosen to use it early enough to delay these effects as much as possible, it has delivered on this objective better than most could expect.

Congratulations are also in order for the marketing department which thought very well about the price to ask for this product. The cosmetics have the purpose of better and more radiant appearance. They should be available to as many women as possible and not only to those that have money to spend. The companies that focus more on profits should consider that a world with more beautifully looking women is a happier world.

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