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VI stands for Vitality Institute and the subtitle is medical products. The subtitle is justified (instead of cosmetics or skincare) by the fact that dermatologist define this company as a manufacturer of medical grade skincare products. The base of operations is located in Culver City, California, U.S.A. and their scope is rather limited to chemical peels, boosters and daycare skin creams.

VI Peel Reviews and Analysis

The dermatology review which is kind of an unofficial classification and review system of the various cosmetic manufacturers places VI Peel in the 99th overall position out of 200 brand reviews which seems to indicate a rather average company producing average products for specific uses. The classification is based upon the customer reviews collected.

It may very well be that this classification is based on very few customer reviews received on this company, or that the customers that are treated in professional establishments do not really know that they are treated with VI products.

The Products

As mentioned above the collection is rather limited and the peels and boosters are not available to the general public.  All packages for these contain the warning that they can be administered only by licensed medical professionals. For each of the three categories they offer:

  • Chemical peels

These include:

  1. A simple chemical peel
  2. A chemical peel package with precision booster
  3. A package with a peel and a precision plus booster
  4. A peel & purifier booster

The method works by the main ingredient causing micro damage to the top layer of the skin causing it to blister and consequently easily removed. The main difference between VI peels and other peels available on the market is that the VI products contain an anesthetic for the purpose of lowering the patient discomfort during the procedure.

  • Boosters

They contain basically the same ingredients as the peels but at higher concentrations. They are to be used in cases of persistent hyperpigmentation such as actinic keratosis, age spots and melasma.

  • VI Derm

Nine products are listed in this section and they are the only ones available to the general public without a warning about administration by medical professionals. The line consists of creams for oily and normal / dry skin, special products for acne and sun protection, cleansers, body washes and eye creams.

The Treatment

As happens in many occasions, Dr. Kalil created the VI treatment to help his daughter with her acne problem. In fact the basis of the treatment is to fight teenage and old age acne. The reason that it has to be applied by medical professionals is that if applied incorrectly there are serious health hazards involved.

It is also a treatment that is to be rendered on a long term basis. Repeat treatments and follow up procedures are to be given every three to four months after the initial stage of the process where patients undergo treatment every two weeks. Besides the peeling and booster products administered, the attending specialist may prescribe a set of additional products that will help the skin to be kept healthy. Usually it takes four days for the skin to completely recover from a VI peel. It is possible that during this stage the skin may slough off and look red or flushed. No other cosmetic products are to be used besides moisturizer until the skin is completely healed.

Who can be treated?

Besides people with acne problems, those with darker skin complexions are suggested to undergo this treatment as they run a higher risk of hyperpigmentation. People with history in adverse reaction to skincare products, allergies and skin rashes should first consult a professional or a specialist before undergoing any treatment.


VI Peel is a rather specialized manufacturer producing specialized products to be used in a treatment regimen basically for acne but ultimately for all kinds of skin problems. The fact that there are risks involved if the application of these products is inappropriate justifies the cautions and warnings on the packages that they are to be handled and administered by trained and knowledgeable medical professionals.

This concept limits the usage to a finite number of people who are considered as patients and not customers. Therefore, the treatment and the products are not to be used for cosmetic purposes but for medical purposes only and for people that face problems. Apart from that the success percentage is extremely high as is with all professionally administered treatments.

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