Yes to Grapefruit Dark Circle Eye Cream

yes to grapefruit cream

The idea of cosmetic products containing natural ingredients instead of preservatives and chemical substances has been gaining supporters for quite some time now. This is because they are considered less dangerous for the human skin as they do not produce undesirable side-effects, irritation and other problems, and are also environmentally friendly.

The controversy about these products is attached to the question whether they are as effective as the cosmetics containing chemicals. The public seems to think that while the natural products are less dangerous, they cannot be as effective as specially formulated chemicals unless they are received in great quantities due to their much less content of active ingredients.

This question seems to find a suitable answer in the case of Yes to Grapefruit Dark Circle Eye Cream. To avoid misconceptions the manufacturer is called “Yes to” and according to their founding statement they are committed in producing products containing 95% natural ingredients. Let’s see how effective their product really is.

The Active Ingredients


Citrus fruit is well-known for its rich content in Vitamins C, A and E which are vital components for the treatment and welfare of the human skin. Further contents of folates, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus provide additional beneficial results. However, it is the anti-oxidant properties of grapefruit that may be of even higher value due to the protection that they provide against the various environmental elements that threaten the skin.  This is also a popular do it yourself skin care ingredient.

Licorice root

The Chinese and the Arabs have been using it for cosmetic purposes for thousands of years. It is a well-known natural product that provides rejuvenating properties for the skin along with much needed nutrients and an assortment of 150 chemicals adding to the health benefits. Since it is also used as food it is considered as a superfood which further increases its value.

Indian gooseberry

It provides even further anti-oxidant properties but most of all it provides protection against the free radicals that threaten the collagen production which is the alpha and omega of a healthy skin.

The list does not include any of the chemicals that have been criticized for their effects such as parabens, petroleum byproducts, phthalates and SLS.

The cost

A container of 0.5 oz. (15 ml) of product can be found at a price of $30. It may seem low but if it is converted to the usual 1 oz. (30 ml) tube, the price becomes average. On the upside, since the amount to be used is less than that of other products per application, the smaller tube serves the purpose of always having a fresh product which negates the possibility of approaching or exceeding its expiration date unused.

The relationship with the customers

Using a pearl size drop around the eyes and the orbital bone is all that it takes to apply the product. This makes it extremely easy to use and therefore the manufacturers are to be commended for displaying care in making sure that everyone can use their cream. Furthermore they have issued cautions on their own about a potentially problematic use of the product by certain people which shows a depth of research and awareness of possible dangers.

The downsides

As aforementioned there have been cautionary statements regarding the use of the product. These statements refer to people with extra sensitive skin and their need to consult specialists before using Yes to Grapefruit Dark Circle Eye Cream, as well as about the smell of the cream which may be too strong for the tastes of many users.

The brand name of the manufacturing company may also be an issue. People have the tendency of trusting more known and better tested products. An increase in advertising may result in an increase of the price the product is sold which at this point can be considered as just right.

The customer reviews

There are not too many reviews posted on this product, but those that are available speak of a cream that produces what it promises within 4 weeks of treatment. They also speak of a very light easily absorbed cosmetic that is easy to use.

Based on the above the question of whether a cosmetic product based solely on natural ingredients can be as effective as one with chemicals is sufficiently answered and the response is an emphatic yes.


In recent years there is a conscious effort to replace chemicals in cosmetic products with natural products. Many companies claim to have already done so. But still a lot of products circulate in the market containing phthalates, parabens, SLS and petroleum. This is not the case with “Yes to”. This manufacturer claims to produce products containing 95% natural ingredients and they seem to maintain this promise.

Yes to Grapefruit Dark Circle Eye Cream contains grapefruit, licorice root and Indian gooseberry in a mixture claiming to provide a clinically proven treatment for the dark circles under the eyes. A promise which they also seem to keep after 4 weeks of treatment with a cosmetic that is very easy to use and offered at the right price.

Furthermore, “Yes to” is a manufacturer that advises the public on their own about the downsides of their product which shows respect to their customers and a properly thought of customer relations policy.

The bottom line says that Yes to Grapefruit Dark Circle Eye Cream is a product worth purchasing as long as the cautions are taken under consideration and the product remains at its present quality (if not improved).

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