Five Reasons Why Yoga is The Best Form of Exercise

Yoga is a mental peace stimulation practice that goes back five thousand years into Indian philosophy. Yes, you may be surprised to know how it started in the subcontinent. A natural process of staying healthy and fit, without all those machines at your gym and keeping you as flexible as ever!  Read for the most up to date yoga tips and information.

Not only does it heal you mentally but also spiritually. Some may say that it is exaggerated but only those who practice it with their heart and soul know its real worth. Giving you a healthy and stressful lifestyle, let’s take a look at why yoga is the most amazing thing in your life.

Here’s Why We Suggest You Do Yoga

  • Bade your anxiety farewell

To all those over thinkers, pessimists, stress prone individuals, it’s time you resort to yoga; high time! Cortisol is a hormone that is escalated through stressful situations, when you’re extremely anxious this hormone keeps you vigilant but at the same time harms you in the long term because it disrupts your routine body functioning.

What regular yoga does is that it makes you stress free; hence reducing the levels of cortisol and keeping you calm and cool.

  • Who addict!

You might think that those drugs may never leave your body. If that’s the case, then think again. Because not only do those drugs raise your dopamine (a compound that provides an individual with feelings of happiness and joy) levels, so does yoga! So your cravings are dealt with and you are no longer addicted to the wrong things.  Besides, drugs lead to bad skin and we’re about promoting healthy skin on this website!

  • Produces antioxidant enzymes

In today’s polluted environment, we are exposed to many fatal diseases including cancer. This day to day encounter with pollutants and metabolic by products leads to the casual creation of radicals in our body.

Not only do these radicals make us prone to diseases but they also fasten the aging process. To fight these radicals, our bodies have an inbuilt defense system which is known as the antioxidant enzymes. The levels of this particular compound are found to be extremely high among those individuals who regular practice the art of yoga.

As a result, the free radicals are bravely fought with, you’re less prone to diseases and you look younger than your actual age with yoga!

  • Boosts immune system

How does this happen? Its very simple. This happens due to yoga’s ability to reduce your stressful hormone of cortisol. As mentioned before, yoga provides you with high dopamine levels and mass reduction of cortisol.

High levels of cortisol decrease the effectiveness of the immune system as it immobilizes the bodies defense system. When yoga caters to excess production of cortisol, that helps improve immunity.

  • Bigger brain, better life

According to many studies conducted, researchers have found out (by conduction MRI scans of their sample population) that those practicing yoga have more gray matter (brain cells) than those individuals who don’t practice it. More hours of yoga weekly enlarges your brain certainly.

New to Yoga? Want to learn more? Watch the video below.

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