Fleuresse Skin Care Product Line released by Kyani

The international brand of Kyani has launched a new series of products which include a cleanser, a serum, a day crème and a night crème. These products are aimed for all types of skin and they can prove to be of real help when trying to improve or maintain the healthiness of your skin. The new series is called Fleuresse.

What makes the products different?

Kyani has been known for the high-quality ingredients they use in their products. This direction is maintained even with the new line and the interesting thing is that they will provide the solutions you need in terms of healthy and natural ingredients. A new ingredient in the products comes with cells from a rare Swiss apple which is combined with some other Kyani ingredients to offer regenerative properties to the skin. These other ingredients include the already popular blueberry extracts and Vitamin E extracts which represent a great addition to the Swiss apple extract.

So what products can you use from the new line? You can expect a new cleanser. This can have a positive role when you try to purify your skin and this process can be an important step towards a more natural look. This is due to the fact that the cleanser will work to remove any dead cells, dirt or clogs in your pores which will clear the skin up. A serum is also included in the new line and can be a great addition when you actually try to nourish the skin. Kyani has also released a day crème. Day crèmes have been known for their ability to nourish the skin during normal conditions.

This means that you can apply it in the morning or anytime during the day and you can see some benefits after at least a few applications. The manufacturer has also released a night crème. These creams are thicker and they are usually applied before bedtime. They have the role of activating and regenerating skin cells. Since the consistency of the cream is thicker, you will want to apply it before going to bed and let it absorb through the night. Some of the best solutions from the manufacturer come with the new line as you can see. Even more, Kyani has produced multiple solutions which work with a large number of situations and tackle a different stage of skin regeneration. It must be said, that for the best results, you should use the products together. Some products don’t need daily use while others will require daily application.

For the best results, you will need to follow the directions from the manufacturer which knows the perfect duration and timing for the natural ingredients of the products. Kyani has been manufacturing skincare products since 2005 and since then it has built a strong brand name in the industry and is thus recognized as one of the top choices when it comes to natural ingredients. With Swiss apple extracts, the new Fleuresse line promises to be an interesting up to date solution for your skincare needs.

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