The Importance of Personal Hygiene

Everyone knows it’s important to have the best hygiene possible, am I right?  Most people who reach adult hood have well established their habits and either have good – or bad – personal hygiene.  When people talk about skin care routines, they pretty much go hand in hand with brushing your teeth, according to a top dentist noblesville in, who I interviewed for this story.

How to Have Proper Hygiene

Tooth brush

#1:  Brush Your Teeth:

Make sure that you brush first thing in the morning and last thing before you go to bed. Also, if you smoke or eat a meal, it’s wise to smoke after you do that.  Nobody likes bad breath!

#2:  Shower:

Duh.  Nobody likes the guy who smells like he was playing in a sewer.  Every single day you should shower up, and even more if you find yourself working out or working up a sweat.  Also, if you cook with strong smelling foods (like tumeric and curry) you may want to have more time washing yourself as that smell tends to stick around in your hair and clothing.

#3:  Wash Your Clothing:

Always wash your clothing regularly, and never re-wear your same clothing after you used it already.  If YOU can smell it, so can other people.

#4:  Trim Your Nails:

You need to clean your finger nails. They pick up dirt everywhere you go. If you wear any nail polish, make sure it’s clean and unchipped and that the color is still intact.

#5:  Pluck your eyebrows:

Unless you are a pro NBA Player like Anthony Davis, you can’t rock a unibrow.  Pay attention to the long, bustling hairs that come from your brows.  They do grow quickly, and they can look like crap if you don’t trim them.

#6:  Use Deodorant:

Like, all the time.  No reason not to. It’s common sense.

#7: Wash Your Hands:

You can’t be that guy with the clammy hands that nobody wants to touch.  Stinky, sweaty, and clammy hands aren’t cool, and nobody wants you around.  You can also spread illnesses very rapidly.

#8:  Cover Your Mouth When You Cough or Sneeze:

It’s basic practice and common sense, but come on, people around you can get sick, and that’s not cool.


#9:  Your face should be freshly shaved:

If you wear facial hair, wear it trimmed and groomed nicely.  Nobody likes Grizzy Adams and while beards are in, they have to be groomed properly.

#10:  Keep the Makeup Natural

Nobody likes the woman who looks like a raccoon.  Keep your makeup as natural as humanly possible and people will respect you and not think you have some other motive.

Proper hygiene and skin care go a long way towards people knowing you live a healthy lifestyle.  Keep it clean, keep it regimented, and all will work out.

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